The Audience Mixer is part of the Audience Studio which allows you to create multiple intersections between your selected audiences and interests.

The audience mixer has four functional containers which serve to create a unique audience.

  1. For custom and LLA audiences exiting in your account
  2. For interests new or existing that performed well in the past
  3. To intersect interests with new interests, beyond custom and lookalike audiences.
  4. An exclusion container to avoid the wrong targeting

"Mixing" these containers together will result in a sophisticated target audience. Each container will combine the selected assets as one and between the three inclusion containers, you will get the users that intersect between all three, excluding the audience who have been excluded.

For example, if you select one of your lookalike audiences, a custom audience, and multiple interests. The audiences will be added to the first group with an ‘or’ relationship between them, and all of the interests will be added to the first intersection with an ‘or’ relationship between the interests. See the example below.

However, between the audiences and the interests, there will be an ‘AND’ relationship. This means that the audience created must be found in one or more of the audiences in the first selection, AND must also be interested in one or more interests from the 1st intersection. This narrows down your audience in order to find people within your audience who are interested in specific products, brands, and more. You can drag and drop your interests to create a second intersection which will narrow down this audience even further, and confirms that more than one interest is added.

Additionally, you can also exclude specific interest groups, therefore this audience will be narrowed down to include only those interested in X, Y, Z excluding a brand, product, or competitor.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see your potential reach. If you feel that the potential reach is too small you might want to consider adjusting your intersection relationship or your audience exclusions.

The Audience mixer can be used to narrow down your audience so that you reach your target audience, or it can be used to create a powerful interest-based audience. Check out this article to learn about the Audience Studio and all of its capabilities.

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