This article will show you how to get started with this powerful tool and create multiple intersections between custom, lookalike, and interest audiences. You can also go ahead and check out this step-by-step click-through tutorial.

Step 1: Access the Audience Studio from the Dashboard

Step 2: Explore New Audiences by Performance 🚀

On this tab, located in the upper left corner, you’ll be able to select the audiences that you want to add to the Audience Mixer below. You can select multiple options from your existing custom, interest, and lookalike audiences. The Explore Audiences by Performance tab is broken down in the list below the picture with an explanation of each search or filter feature as they appear in the tab from left to right.

  1. Search bar: Use this to locate existing audiences by name. 🧐
  2. Dropdown to filter audience type: View one audience type at a time or view all audience types simultaneously by selecting one of the options.
  3. Time frame: Expand the number of audiences in the view by expanding the time frame.
  4. Include/Exclude Boxes: Select which audiences you’d like to include or exclude for the creation of a new audience in the Audience Mixer widget.
  5. Sorting: Sort audience features from high to low (or vice-versa) by clicking on one of the arrows to the right of a column’s name
  6. Type: Refers to whether an audience belongs to one of the following audience types: interest/custom/lookalike.
  7. Four Metric Dropdown Menus: The metrics are adjustable and allow you to sort possible audiences according to each of the column’s KPIs. In the picture above, the selected metrics are Amount Spent, ROAS (All), Cost per Website Purchase (All), and CPM. However, numerous additional KPIs can be selected when you click on the dropdown menu. 🙌
  8. Audience size: Refers to the number of users that make up a particular audience.

Step 3: Discover New Interests

On this tab, located in the upper right corner, you’ll discover new interests based on your existing audiences and you’ll be able to include multiple interests in the Audience Mixer below. Searching for an interest using the search bar will yield other results relating to the keyword. In order to enhance your list of selected interests even further, once you’ve made your selections, you have the option to go back into the ‘Explore Audience by Performance’ tab and use the ‘Discover Similar’ button to find optimized results relating to the interests you chose.

The Discover New Interests tab is broken down in the list below the picture with an explanation of each search or filter feature as they appear in the tab from left to right.

  1. Suggested interests based on your audiences: Madgicx will generate a list of additional interests for you to choose from below based on the interests found in your existing audiences. 😍
  2. Search by name: Type in any keyword and see the suggested and related interests.
  3. Locale: Select a specific locale to target audiences in specific locations.
  4. Include/Exclude: Click on these boxes to include or exclude certain interests from the creation of a new audience.
  5. Audience size: Refers to the number of users that make up a particular audience.
  6. Category: Interests/Demographics

Step 4: Audience Mixer

This feature is used to intersect audiences and interests. The audiences and interests selected from the two tabs will all appear in the Audience Mixer; allowing you to create up to three intersections of audiences and interests. You can find the approximate reach of this audience at the bottom of the widget. The audience will need to match one or more of the audiences from the first intersection and one or more of the interests from the second intersection in order to create a functional audience.

The Audience Mixer is broken down in the list below the picture with an explanation of each intersection as they appear in the tab from left to right. 👇

  1. 0 intersection: Audience group— will show all audiences that were chosen from the Existing Audience tab.
  2. 1st intersection: Interest group—this will include all selected interests and will intersect the rest of the groups with an ‘AND’ connection.
  3. 2nd intersection: This will intersect and narrow down the audience even further by creating another ‘AND’ relationship between these interests. It will ensure that the second intersection must be met.
  4. Excluded audience: The option to exclude specific interests or audiences with poor performance, or both.
  5. Potential reach: The approximate reach of this audience.
  6. Save Audience Selection: Saves the audience as a preset and it can be used later on from the Madgicx Launcher.

To get a better understanding of how the Audience Mixer looks when it's filled out, check out the example below.👇

The Audience Mixer in the picture above displays the following example:

Once you’ve selected the audiences and/or interests from above, they’ll be added to the Audience Mixer. In this example, we’ve selected five audiences. In this case, the refined audience must be within one or more of the five audiences, AND they must match at least one of the interests such as physical fitness, juice, health and wellness, CrossFit, or superfood in the “1st Intersection” AND lastly, they must also match yoga and/or smoothie in the “2nd intersection.”🦾

As a result of the audiences needing to meet these specific parameters, they become refined and highly specified. The new potential reach might be smaller, but you’ll reach people who are closer to your target audience. You can find the ‘potential reach’ at the bottom of the widget; for this audience, it will be approximately 290K.

Keep in mind: Interests from the first intersection can be dragged and dropped into the second intersection, but it’s not necessary to create two intersections. You only add a second intersection if you want to narrow or refine your results even further.

Step 5: Instantly Launch Your Audience

Scroll up to the first widget to the right of ‘Audience Studio’ and select ‘Launch.’

This will prompt you to save the audience before launching. In subsequent steps, you’ll set up this audience using the Madgicx Launcher, which will continue through the usual audience creation steps.

Once you reach the audience setup, you’ll choose the audience that you saved, as seen in the image below.

You can select ‘Detailed targeting expansion,’ which will reach people beyond your detailed targeting selection if it’s likely to improve your performance.

Step 6. Launch Your Audience at a Later Time⏰

If you prefer to launch your audience at a later time, you can save your audience as a preset. When you’re ready to launch your audience, you can simply head into the Madgicx Launcher and select the newest Madgicx audience called ‘Interest Targeting & Audience Mixes.’ Once you select this audience, you will continue to set up the audience through the Launcher.

The Audience Studio can help you refine interests in order to effectively reach your target audience and see the best results.

Check out this article to get a full breakdown of the Audience Mixer widget, or move on to other Step by Step guides which can be found within the App guide, or within the Madgicx Help center.

We hope you found this article helpful, but if you have any questions about the Audience Studio or any other tool on Madgicx, you can always reach out to our Madgicx Support Wizards. 🎉🧙‍♂️

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