What’s the Audience Studio?

The goal of the Audience Studio is to allow Madgicx users to create the best-performing audience using tools that are available only within the Madigcx App.

This tool offers the ability to create powerful intersections of your top-performing audiences and interest audiences in order to optimize targeting results. You can then instantly launch these audiences within just a few clicks.

Who should use this tool?

Any type of business can benefit from interest targeting. What makes the Audience Studio exceptionally useful is the option to optimize your existing audiences and create an advanced interest-based audience.

This tool is great for beginners who want to run smart interest-based audiences without the need for any pixel data or for advanced users who want to redefine their target audience by creating diverse audience combinations. This allows you to discover new interests that you may not have recognized before that may deliver even better results.

How can the Audience Studio optimize your audiences?

The Audience Studio is an advanced interest targeting tool that intersects interests and audiences into one. Madgicx analyzes your account’s performance to rank your interests by profitability and predict your next top targeting option.

The Audience Mixer widget creates an intersection of specific interests and top-performing audiences based on key performance metrics in order to create an audience that is more likely to yield positive results. There's also the option to create a sophisticated interest-based audience by choosing from existing interests and selecting new interests that have never been used before.

For example, if someone sells clothing, they can create an intersection of their top five lookalike audiences, and a separately a second intersection with interests relating to fashion, such as brands, and celebrities with the option to narrow down results by adding a third intersection, in which they could choose even more companies that match the type of customer they’re trying to reach.

As a result, an audience will be created that matches one of the top five audiences along with at least one of the interests from each intersection. The audience can be narrowed down even further by excluding any interests or audiences.

Not sure which interests to choose next?

Once a specific interest has been selected, Madgicx provides the option to discover similar interests easily using a quick the Discover interests button. For example, if someone were to select yoga, fitness, and healthy food, interests relating closely to these will automatically be generated and reveal new potential opportunities.

We hope this helped you get to know our Audience Studio a little better!

Check out this step by step article to get set up!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support wizards through the chat. 🧙🏻‍♂️🎉

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