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In the Ads Launcher, Madgicx provides tailor-made audiences from each strategy segment: acquisition prospecting, acquisition re-engagement, retargeting, and retention. To get started with these audiences, you would need some previous data on your social media pages or your Facebook pixel.

In this article, we will go over the types and amounts of data needed to get good results for each stage of the funnel.

Prospecting audiences are created using the lookalike technology from Facebook by using any of your custom audiences and creating a bigger, similar audience. Therefore, in order to create these audiences, pixel data is required.

Re-engagement audiences are made up of users who engaged with your pages and ads on Facebook or Instagram but have never visited your website. Therefore, the data will be gathered from your Facebook or Instagram page and not from your Facebook pixel.

Retargeting audiences are your custom audiences who have visited your website but never made a purchase.

Retention audiences are your custom audiences who have visited your website and purchased from you.

Data needed to start creating audiences with Madgicx

To create a new audience, you'd need to have at least one of the data amounts listed.

Acquisition Re-engagement




  • 20 clicks

Acquisition Prospecting

  • 100 Landing Page View

  • 100 Content View

  • 100 Add To Cart

  • 100 initiated checkout

  • 100 added payment info

  • 100 purchases

Note: The amounts below are the minimum that you can use for creating a lookalike audience: But the more data you use, the better and more similar the LLA will be to the original custom audience.

Also, Facebook recommends custom audiences used to create a LLA be larger than 1,000 people.


  • 20 Landing Page View

  • 20 Content View

  • 20 Add To Cart

  • 20 initiated checkout

  • 20 added payment info

  • 20 purchases


  • 20 purchases

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions about how much data you need to create audiences on Madgicx, feel free to reach out to our Madgicx Wizards through the chat and they'll be happy to assist! 🧙‍♂️

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