Consider Madgicx's Ads Launcher a "content hub" where all your existing ads reside. The Ad Launcher already exists within other tools, however now you have the freedom to access it as a stand-alone feature so you can easily launch winning ads into campaigns and ad sets with just a few clicks! To check out a product tour of the new Ad Launcher,click here.

Madgicx determines your best ad performance by using advanced algorithms to unify data from across your ads and creatives; providing you with the most accurate metrics. By hovering over each of your ads, you can find the data you need to deploy winning ads into your campaigns.

To create your next best ad, you can use creative performance visualization to immediately combine your best creatives with your best ad copies. Simply select the creative clusters tab and click on the squares to create a powerful combination of the two. You can also select a minimum and maximum spend to find ads within a specific threshold.

Create an authentic ad by choosing one of your Facebook or Instagram posts that have existing social proof. This can help to build trust between you and your audience.

Pick tailored ads and immediately launch them to specific audiences. Discover hidden metrics that reveal which ad converts the best across different age groups, gender groups, countries, funnel stages, and more.

Only your Ads with impressions will appear within the Ad Launcher. If you want to use brand new ads, you can create them on Facebook and use the Ad ID selector to locate and launch them into your Ad Sets and Campaigns. Check out this article on How to fetch your Ads & Posts using the Ad ID.

Finally, you can use the new ‘save creative selection’ feature in order to save your selected ads as a preset and launch them into future campaigns and ad sets.

The new Ads Launcher on Madgicx will help you launch winning ads into your ad sets and campaigns in no time. Furthermore, you can take advantage of all of our AI ad performance tools, such as Creative Insights and Ad Copy Insights, to refine your strategy. Head into the Ads Launcher to deploy the winners into your next campaign!

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