Do you want to know which of your ad copies are working the best?

Look no further than Ad Copy Insights, one of the newest Madgicx products.

Ad Copy Insights helps you determine which of your ad copies work best with your audiences. 🤗

You can use our SWOT analysis to find out which types of ad copy you use, how much you spend, and you can use Smart Filters to determine which genders and countries resonate the most with your specific ad copies. 🙌

Audiences differ and therefore react differently to the messaging you use. Ensure that your message reaches and speaks to your targeted audience. Enhance your material by using the right text length, verbiage, emojis, and more! 📃🗣🎉

Check out this step by step article to learn more about Ad copy insights and be sure to follow up with Creative insights to build powerful ads.

At Madgicx, we focus on all the big & small details to ensure that you optimize at each level and build a winning strategy! 🏆

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