If you’re wondering how to find your top creatives and ad copies for a specific audience, you should definitely take advantage of Magicx’s Smart Filters.

Using this tool will help to improve your ad performance and show your audience ads that actually resonate with them while improving your CTR and performance score and attracting more customers.

Check out our Smart Filters on the Ad Copy Insights tool where you can find your best ad copies by form length, age groups, and gender, placement, position within the funnel stage, and even country. Once you click ‘Apply filters’, you'll have the SWOT analysis focused exactly on the audience and ad copy types you're interested in. This will allow you to gain clearer actionable insights regarding your ad copies and tailor content to your target audiences.

The same Smart Filters can help you analyze your creative performance on Madgicx's Creative Insights. For example, in the images below, we’ve chosen to focus on medium and short videos, an age range of 25-44, and Male Gender. This will allow you to find all the creatives you use for short-medium videos targeting these audiences and then optimize accordingly.

Additionally, You can use Smart Filters during the creation process. Once you reach creative selection in the Ad Launcher, you can use the Smart Filters to locate your best ads for a specific segment, giving you the opportunity to target your audience with custom content.

Last but not least, our Smart Filters can be found within the Creative Clusters tool as well. In this case, you have the option to filter your ad copies and creatives and apply the filters to the Creative Clusters graph, where you can spot your winning ad copy and creative combinations and launch them into your existing campaigns.

Develop future ads based on your insights and be sure to use Creative Insights, Ad copy Insights and Creative Clusters, to refine your strategy and get the best possible results from your Ads!

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