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A good creative should grab your audience's attention and convert them; whether it’s getting them to buy your product or learn more about your business offer. With fierce competition for Facebook ad space, you need to be at the top of your creative game in order to stand out and ensure that Facebook continues to show your ads to your target audience. Great creatives will keep your CPM low and your CTR high.

But how can you tell which of your creatives are working the best? On the Ads Manager, you can determine which of your ads perform best by measuring CTR, ROAS, or CPM. However, you won't be able to analyze other aspects of your ads, such as which types of creatives work best for you and which elements in your creative drive the best performance.

Madgicx’s Creative Insights tool helps you understand your creative performance down to the smallest detail. With easy to read performance graphs, you can quickly identify your top ads and launch them directly into existing campaigns. Furthermore, you can find out which types of creatives you're using the most and use Smart Filters to understand which creatives resonate with a specific audience.

Check out this step-by-step guide to Creative Insights, and build a winning strategy based on your aggregated data so that you can refine your ads and outperform your competition on Facebook.

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