Sunsetting is a tactic designed to stop bad performing ad-sets permanently, rather than on a daily level. There are situations in which a stop-loss is simply not enough, what happens if an ad-set continues to be triggered by the stop loss and shows no sign of improvement? Sunsetting serves as the alternative, providing users with a way to turn off an ad-set permanently, while still providing it ample time to prove itself.

The user will chose a spending limit that will initiate a check when reached. Once that check has been initiated, the tactic will scan to make sure that the ad-set falls within the performance criteria that you set. If the ad-set meets the trigger point set for bad performance, Madgicx will then decrease the budget. Since this tactic aims to turn off an ad-set permanently rather than on a daily time frame, this step helps to curb unnecessary spending on poor performing ad-sets, while still providing them with a chance to recover. Sometimes an ad-set can have its bad days despite normally having strong performance, because of this, the checks do not have one static spending limit. There will be an option to set spending limits for 4 different performance levels, that way users can give more leniency to normally good performing ad-sets.

Once the budget has been lowered, the next spending limit check would then determine whether to pause the ad-set or leave it running. Again, these limits can be different depending on the performance level of the ad-set. If the ad-set is still performing badly once it has reached this second check, at that point it would pause the ad-set. There is an option to put one last sanity check in place, which would allow for a final check based off of a KPI such as ROAS before actually pausing it. This tactic will work for either ABO or CBO campaigns, but work at the ad-set level within a campaign. Further information regarding the Sunsetting tactic can be found within this step-by-step article HERE.

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