Surf at the ad-set level is designed to allow users to begin to scale their ABO campaigns. It is not always possible to monitor your account 24 hours a day, Surf was created to allow our users to take their mind off of micromanaging their budget. Users will have the ability to determine a trigger point, which represents good performance, the tactic will check over the course of the day to see if the trigger criteria has been met.

The user should take care to choose a trigger that accurately represents good

performance, to ensure that the tactic only triggers on desirable ad-sets. If the trigger has been met at any point during the day, the budget for the ad-set will be increased by Y amount, which you will also have the ability to adjust. When scaling an ad-set based off daily performance, sometimes the performance can be deceiving and some ad-sets can have drastically different budgets, so the increase can not remain static.

To counter this, we have added an option to adjust the amount that the budget will increase, according to not only the budget of the ad-set, but also by the past performance. For example, normally poor performing ad-sets with a high budget that happen to meet the criteria may want a smaller budget % increase than an ad-set that is reliably good with a low budget. Finally, this tactic will work on a daily level, so you will have an option to adjust at which time every day the budget will revert back to normal. To learn more about how to start automating your scaling, you can read this step-by-step article HERE.

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