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Ad Care is a tool which addresses a normally ignored area for advertisers; the comment section. The main function of Ad Care, is to provide an unsubscribe link to posts. When someone completes the unsubscribe form, they are added to an auto-exclusion, which will automatically be applied to all future Madgicx audiences. Providing an unsubscribe option helps to ensure a more relevant audience, irrelevant people will be filtered out of the funnel.

In addition to helping fine tune your audience, Ad Care provides you with extra real-estate on your ad and will help to minimize some bad comments. People will be less likely to leave baseless negative reviews, as they can always just opt out of seeing the ads instead.This is an important thing to take into consideration, as Facebook algorithms take comments very seriously. In addition to leaving an unsubscribe link, users will have the ability to provide extra details that were possibly left out of the ad, or a link to the website, for example. If you would like to learn more about how to get started with Ad Care, you can read out step-by-step guide HERE.

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