The Campaign Overview displays all of your existing Ad sets and allows you to compare key metrics as well as events that took place on the Ad set. This is a tool to track your performance across all your Ad sets and determine how to refine your strategy across the full ARR funnel. 

      You'll see that your Ad set's are organized according to: Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention campaigns. Simply click on the different tabs to see your Ad Sets belonging to each segment. 

  • Use the Search Bar to find specific Ad Sets, or simply find your Ad Set in the list on the bottom part of the page.  
  • Last events will show you which actions occurred within the set time frame and it will report who or what was responsible for making changes on the Ad set.

  • Select the ellipses on the right side of each Ad set to re-segment your Ad sets. This also gives you the option to take a deeper look into your Ad Set through the Ad set storyline or Facebook.

The Key Metrics on the top bar will help you determine your Ad Set's performance such as Amount Spent, ROAS, CTR and more. Select the black arrows to see your performance from best to worst or vice versa.

  • The 'Weekly over time performance' shows your account performance over the last weeks. Green represents good performance while pink represents poor performance. Be sure to check out the Ad Set Storyline to get a detailed weekly overview. Check out this article about Madgicx's color grading system to learn more about how we define performance on Madgicx. 
  • Enabled Tactics display in which Madgicx automation tactics are active on each particular Ad Set.  
  • You can create a new Ad Set by selecting 'Create new' on the top left hand side of the page.  
  • If you don't have Ad Sets running in a specific segment such as retargeting, nothing will appear on the list below except a button which says 'Create new Ad Set' this will bring you directly into the launcher where you can instantly create and launch a new campaign. 

That sums up the Campaign Overview dashboard. Be sure to check out our other analytical tools such as Creative Insights, Ad copy insights, and Ad Set storyline for all the necessary data you need to scale your performance optimize your results.   




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