One of Facebook’s most recent tools is Dynamic Creative Ads. Dynamic Creative Ads use multiple ad components, such as images, videos, titles, descriptions, and CTAs, and then optimizes them to deliver efficient results. 

Facebook optimizes your ads based on what you provide them with, so they can only work with what they've got. In order to provide Facebook with the BEST possible ad copies and images, you need insights, and that's where Madgicx comes in. 🦸‍♀️

How to Improve your Ad Copy Performance 📈

If you really want to create the most compelling content for your audience and save time and resources trying to figure out what’s actually working, Madgicx’s Ad Copy Insights and Creative Insights are the tools you need to be taking advantage of. Madgicx aggregates all your ads with similar images and texts. This unified data helps you understand precisely which creatives and ad copies perform best overall. Madgicx will help you answer questions such as, "Which format type is working best with my audience?" "Should I keep using emojis in my ad copies? 🤨" and "Which ad copies are working best with my audience?"  

What's Possible with Ad Copy Insights 🚀

-Use the smart filtering on the graph to find out which ad copies are working best for an audience type on the micro-level. For example, filter according to age, gender, ad copy format, and see what appears on the graph. Discover how you can perform better using these key insights.

-Change your max and min spend to see ad copies based on spend and performance. 

-Discover which text format you should use. Madgicx text format displays short, medium, and long texts; find out which one you're using most and whether you should try different formats. 

-Find out if links and emojis enhance or hinder your ad performance.

-Using AI tags, discover which words you use the most in your ad copies and how much was spent on specific word tags compared to your performance. 

-Top phrases will allow you to see which verbiage has been the most efficient in converting your audience. 

Ad Copy Insights can transform mediocre ads into high performing ads that resonate with your audience. See this Step-by-Step Article on Ad Copy Insights to get started. Additionally, build the strongest ads possible using Creative Insights in combination with Ad Copy Insights to enhance your images along with your text.
Together, we got this! 🦾   

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