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Let’s say that after evaluating your performance for the month, you notice that between the hours of midnight and seven in the morning, your performance is less than ideal. In this situation, it would make sense to turn off all the campaigns at midnight so that you're not wasting your budget on ineffective hours.

With the release of our new Custom Automation tool, you can do this easily! In this article, I will go step-by-step and show you exactly how to set this up.😍

Step 1: Get Started

Our first step will be to press the Create Tactic button in the top right corner of the Automation tab. 

  • Once on the tactic selection page, we will select Custom Automation. Be sure to select the campaign level as we want this tactic in particular to affect campaigns. 

Step 2: Choosing the Right Task

Now that we have reached the set-up page, we will select the Automation task. Because we don't want to turn the campaigns off permanently, we will choose Pause Campaign for Today from the drop-down menu. 

This is also where you will pick the time you want your campaigns to begin running again. (Choose when to un-pause) 

Step 3: Choosing what Triggers the Tactic 

Our next step will be to choose what will cause the tactic to trigger. We will need to choose something that will trigger 100% of the time so that it turns off all of the campaigns at the scheduled time. 

To do this, first press Select Trigger. In the search bar directly below, type: Random Number from 0 to 100.

  • To ensure it triggers 100% of the time, we will set it at greater than or equal to and 0.  

Setting up when the tactic will be active:⏰

At this point, the tactic is set to un-pause the campaign at 7 AM and will trigger 100% of the time while it’s active. The only thing left to do is to choose when the tactic will be active.

  •  Under Day and Time Schedule, select On Specific Days/Hours

  •  Afterwards, go on to select week mode and make sure that there is only 1 time increment set.

If for example, you wanted to turn off your campaigns between midnight to 5 AM and then again from noon to 5 PM, you would add an extra increment. You can set up to 9 increments per day. 

As per this example, we want the tactic to trigger at midnight, we already set it up so that it would un-pause at 7 AM. From here, all we need to do is drag the time to
12 AM. We should also drag the other end to make the tactic turn off at 1 AM, as it would have already served its purpose. It should look like this: 

Step 4: Selecting which Campaigns will be Affected by the Tactic

Once you’re on page 3, the last step, you’ll have to choose which campaigns this tactic will be applied to. For this example, we want all of the campaigns to turn off at midnight.

To easily select every campaign, you can choose selection by filter. Change the filter to say Campaign Status Is Active. This would then apply the tactic to every active campaign. 

Changing the name of the tactic:

  • Finally, you may want to change the name of the tactic so that it's easier to find it in the future. To do this, simply edit it under the name tab.

That’s it, once you finish this step just select Next to complete the process! 🤗

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