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The Custom Automation tool is split among the following levels: Ad, Ad Set, and Campaign. Each one will have a variety of different customizable functions, triggers, and scheduling which can be adjusted as you see fit. This article will go on to explain some of the different tasks that can be automated through the Custom Automation tool.

All of the regular Automation Tactics can be recreated through the Custom Automation tactics, but you'll also have the ability to fine-tune them to a much greater degree. There are dozens of different criteria and KPI’s that users can now use to mold any tactic to fit their needs; ranging from ROAS and CPM to custom conversions. Each function listed can be fully customized to trigger on even the most specific criteria. If you’re unsure if the Custom Automation tool is for you, learn more about our Customer User Index

In the picture below you can see the Custom Automation drop-down with the available actions on all levels:

  • Set your rules to work in unison by selecting "If x AND y are relevant, then trigger the tactic." Otherwise, you can also set the rule to trigger when at least one criteria is activated by selecting, "If x OR y are relevant, then trigger the tactic."

  • Select a task from the list of Actions; such as Pause a Campaign, Start a Campaign, Increase Budget, Decrease Budget, and more. 

  • Automatically change the name of your campaigns that are performing or under performing.  

  • Set an Ad, Ad Set, or Campaign to pause indefinitely or to turn off during certain hours of the day if x is reached.

  • Set an Ad, Ad Set, or Campaign to pause for the day (you can set what time of the day the tactic resets) if x is reached.

  • Similar to the Revive function, you can start an Ad, Ad Set, or Campaign if x is reached.

  • For the Campaign and Ad Set levels, you will be able to increase the budget if x is reached. 

  • The opposite is available as well; you can set the budget to decrease if x is reached. This is a good way to manage your budget while making sure you are not wasting money on poor performers. 

  • Set your automation tactics to run only on certain days or during specific time frames; or to run continuously.

  • When scheduling based on time frames, you have the option to add as many increments as you'd like, which allows the tactic to be active only when you need it to be.

  • You can even schedule all your campaigns to be off during certain hours so that you're not wasting budget.

  • When selecting which Ad, Ad Set, or Campaign the tactic will apply to, we have incorporated a selection by filter in addition to our previous standard selection option. The filter selection will allow you to apply the tactics to assets based on criteria like campaign status or ARR segmentation, as opposed to manually selecting the assets.  

There are countless features included within the Madgicx Custom Automation tool which will give you the ability to set up rule sets that can help scale and optimize your account, as well as saving unnecessary spending. 

Custom Automation tactics gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business while the software takes care of tedious tasks. If you’re ready to get started with Custom Automation, check out this Step-by-Step article to help you get started. 

For any questions check out the in-App Guide; our main resource for Tutorials and helpful articles, or Reach out to our Madgicx Wizards for customer support.

We wish you the best of luck!  🤗🚀

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