Until now, Madgicx has been the go-to tool in Facebook Advertising for thousands of agencies and small businesses. With some of the most advanced AI capabilities available on the market, we are always pushing to release more tools for our users to enhance their ad-buying experience. In the past, we’ve done this by releasing features and tools that are unavailable on the Ads Manager or on any other 3rd-party app, such as Ad Care or Ad Copy Insights.

However, we’ve decided that it’s time to explore new frontiers!

After months of preparation and work from our developers, Madgicx is no longer a tool entirely focused on Facebook advertising. We are evolving into a new dimension with an exciting new integration with the Google Display Network (GDN). The Madgicx Team has managed to forge a new path towards the future which will allow users to integrate the most important part of their online marketing goals: the data.

This tool will provide users the ability to mass-create campaigns that are integrated with our ARR strategy and allow them to stick to a consistent and comfortable approach from Campaign to Ad level.

Read more about the GDN launcher in Madgicx's Step-by-Step GDN Launcher Guide. 

Our Dashboard will now be compatible with both Facebook and Google views, allowing users to switch between them in one location. With its fully customizable display metrics, data visualization and data breakdowns, the Dashboard has been developed into the best display of advertising data available on the market.

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What makes this tool so powerful?

As the largest advertising network in the world, GDN ads populate 90% of the internet space, whereas Facebook ads may only populate Facebook or Instagram. The leading ad format on GDN incorporates Responsive Display Ads (RDS), which is a combination of Legacy Responsive Ads, Dynamic Remarketing, and Smart Display ads, into one ad format.

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Who will benefit from this tool?

If you are already using Madgicx, then you will be able to benefit from this immediately by linking your GDN account in Settings. If you are just finding out about us and using google ads as one of your advertising channels, then we recommend taking a quick glance and trying out our seven-day free trial. 

To learn more about users, check out Madgicx's GDN User Index.

If you are at the point of wanting to Connect your GDN account with Madgicx, here is a guide meant to help you get started: Madgicx and GDN Settings Step-by-Step

All of our step-by-step tutorials are available inside the Madgicx app as click-through tutorials in the links below:

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