To get a leg up on the competition, launch our Audience creations. They have proven value on Facebook and will now prove themselves once again with GDN. 

Please note that Google can take 1-2 days to review your campaigns, so remember to launch your campaign prior to your required launch date.   

To learn how to launch Google RDS ads using Madgicx, follow the steps below or check out our click-through tutorial here.

Step 1: Select your Audiences

  • Madgicx Audiences will appear with a small icon in the bottom right-hand corner of each audience tab. These icons show which audiences are relevant to Facebook, Google, or both.  
  • Users can also select the filter “Show all Google Audiences,” in which only the available Google audiences will appear. 
  • Madgicx's Retargeting audiences currently available for Google are Recent Visitors (0-30 days), All Visitors (30-180 days), Niche Retargeting From Top URLs and High Intent Niche Retargeting From Top URLs.
  • Madgicx's Retention audience currently available for Google is Website Leads.

    Note: Soon you'll be able to use even more Madgicx Audiences for Google and you'll be able to launch across the full ARR funnel.

Step 2:  Where to Launch Ads

Facebook and Google campaigns can now be launched simultaneously! Choose where to launch your campaigns:  

  1. Select ‘Campaign Launch Panel’ to launch Facebook ads into Google ad groups
  2. You can decide to Launch only your Facebook or Google campaigns by selecting the on and off button on either campaign.

You have three options as to where you can launch your audiences:  

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. Launch into Madgicx optimized structure
    The two audiences available fall under Retargeting. Therefore, that’s the only segment available for now.   
  3. Launch into an existing campaign
    This can be used if the user would like to have all audiences within the same campaign. 

Note: The budget is only placed on the campaign level and the campaign objective can be set to either 'Sales' or 'Leads.' 

You can also choose to launch your Google audience as a single Ad group or as a part of a campaign. If your Single Ad Group Campaign is turned on, then you will set your budget in subsequent steps. In this case, you can choose the location. Every ad group you launch can be launched as its own creation ( Single Ad Group).

If you turn the Single Ad group off, then you will choose the campaign you’d like to launch your audience. The budget will be that of your existing campaign. As seen below:

Step 3: Selecting Creatives

  1. The top part of the screen is where you will select the audience that will be paired with the creatives below. If you’re selecting different creatives for each audience, be sure to save changes before moving on.  
  1. This is where Madgicx creates synergy between Facebook and Google; taking your ad campaigns to the next level. You can select top ad creatives and top ad copies using your current Facebook data.    
  2. Select ‘Graded by’ on the left-hand side of the screen and select a metric to evaluate your ads by clicking on the drop-down menu. We recommend you choose ads that show high performance based on a metric such as ROAS or CTR. 

When selecting ads you have the option to: 

  • Select existing Facebook Ads
  • Select top ad combinations of existing Facebook ads from Creative Clusters
  • Select Facebook and Instagram posts 
  • Select an ad without impressions by imputing the Ad-ID in the 'Ad selection Preview’   
  • In the next step, you can upload a creative that hasn’t been used on Facebook before

Step 4: Edit your Creatives

The process of editing your ads for Google is simplified through Madgicx. All you have to do is select the creatives themselves and Madgicx will automatically crop your image according to Google’s requirements. 

First, you must select at least two creatives. One should be a landscape image and the other should be a square image. You can use up to 15 images in the campaign square. Here are Google’s size requirements:

  • 1:1 Ratio suggested. Size: 300x300
    Google recommends images have a strong visual focus and minimum text overlay.  

Edit Creatives for Google RDS:  

Google creates multiple ad images, ad videos, headlines, and descriptions, and will conduct billions of A/B tests to optimize multiple variations of what’s provided. This is why it’s so important to provide Google with the best possible ad creations.  

Ad Preview (refer to the images below for clarification):

  • All ads will be shown in smaller sizes underneath in smaller previews.
  • You can choose up to 5 videos, 15 ad images, 5 headlines, 1 long headline, and up to 5 descriptions.  
  • You can crop your image to fit the right dimensions. (See the GIF below)
  • The selected ad from below will appear in the larger preview box.
  • You can upload your own image by clicking on the square with the '+' and upload your custom creatives with the required dimensions.  
  • If there’s an error, you will get an error message with an 'X' through the ad image or video, and you’ll be able to select a new creative. 
  • Images and videos can be deleted by hovering over the displayed item and selecting the "garbage bin" icon. 

Ad Copies:
Google is quite strict with ad copy rules. Do not use capital letters, emojis, or known trademarks (such as Nike, Facebook, etc.) in any of the ad copy fields. At this stage, Madgicx will notify you if the text is too long, however not all of Google’s requirements are implemented just yet (coming soon). Therefore, we suggest that you look at all of Google’s requirements by selecting the “Check Google's requirements” button. See the example below: 

If your headlines, long headlines, and descriptions meet Google’s requirements, then a number will appear with a green checkmark. If they don’t meet Google's requirements, a red 'X' will appear in the top right-hand corner. Users will also see a note explaining why it isn’t accepted. 

Note: We highly recommend that after you launch your campaign, you enter your Google ad account to ensure that there aren’t any errors and that everything has launched properly. 

This is the first line of the advertiser's ad. Sometimes Google will shorten headlines depending on where they will be displayed. If it’s shortened, it will appear with an ellipsis.  

  • Users can select up to 5 headlines 
  • Headlines cannot exceed 30 characters 
  • For each component of the ad copy, you can:
    1) Duplicate the field by clicking on the 'duplicate' icon
    2) Remove the field by clicking on the 'trash' icon 

Long Headline:
This is the first line of the advertiser's ad; it appears instead of the short headline in larger ads. Long headlines might appear without a description, and the length of the headline will depend on the site it’s advertised on. If it’s shortened, it will appear with an ellipsis. 

  • Users can select up to 5 long headlines
  • Headlines cannot exceed 90 characters

The description adds context and details to the headline. Advertisers can add up to 5 descriptions, which will be combined with any of the user’s headlines to generate their ads. The description will be rendered depending on the site it appears on. If it’s shortened, it will appear with an ellipsis. The description doesn’t show in all sizes and formats. 

  • Users can select up to 5 descriptions
  • Descriptions cannot exceed 90 characters

Step 6: Setting-Up Audiences

This easy setup helps you select the best possible assets for Google by leveraging the data you’ve already gained from Facebook. In terms of ad placement, Google does the work for you across 3 million inventory partners throughout the internet. However, it’s up to you to select the best age and gender groups for these ads.

Madgicx provides added value by using your pixel data which allows you to launch smarter audience segments into Google.

Both Facebook and Google icons will appear for the setup that’s relevant for each platform, as seen in the image below. The two setup options available right now for Google are age and gender, but there will be more options coming soon! 

Step 7: Finalize your Campaign Creations

Select 'Next' to finalize your campaign creation, and you're done!
That's all there is to it! 🎉 

There’s more to come from this tool, such as additional Madgicx Audiences to choose from, so stay tuned! You can read more about the features and capabilities of this tool here, or about Madgicx GDN use-cases here.

In a few steps, you are able to launch Google and Facebook ad campaigns simultaneously; helping you reach billions of potential customers across the globe. To go through the process step-by-step using our click-through guide, click here. 

As the first omnichannel platform in the world, Madgicx is the key to taking your reach to the next level! 🧙‍♂️

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