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So far, Madgicx has supported advertising for the Facebook platform and family of apps. With our latest release, you can now target Google audiences directly through the Madgicx platform.

Madgicx built its integration with the largest display advertising network in the world. The Google Display Network has the ability to reach 95% of the entire internet. The leading Google GDN ad format incorporates RDS (Responsive Display Ads), which is a combination of Legacy Responsive Ads, Dynamic Re-marketing, and Smart Display ads into one ad format. Google's ad network includes 3 million inventory partners; meaning you can reach your target audience while they're checking emails, watching YouTube videos, reading news articles, shopping online, browsing different websites, or using their Mobile device. This makes it incredibly easy to expand your outreach.  

How Responsive Display Ads (RDS) Work: 

  1. You provide Google with multiple images, videos, headlines, and descriptions, and Google rotates all variations across audiences and creates the optimal ad variations. 

  2. These ads are placed across the entire internet on various websites, YouTube videos, Google ad spaces, and on over +2M sites. 

  3. According to Google, their machine learning uses your historical performance data and conducts billions of A/B tests in order to show the appropriate ads to the appropriate audiences. 

  4. Responsive Display ads also support a variety of different format types, allowing for a diverse mix of content, as opposed to some of the other Google ad formats. See the image below for examples of some of these different formats as they would appear on the web and on mobile. 

Madgicx’s all-in-one ad optimization platform enables you to gather insights from your Facebook data and easily launch Google GDN campaigns using top creatives, ad copies, and audiences that have performed optimally on Facebook. Google customers claimed that by providing more assets, their CPA conversions increased by 10%.

Setting up ads on Google and Facebook can still be a little tricky, and it takes some time to understand. Madgicx makes it as easy as possible to provide Google with your best-performing assets from within our user-friendly structure. You can learn about more features and capabilities here. And if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for a 7 day free trial! 🤗🚀

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