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Madgicx has added Google RDS ads to create our NEWEST feature. This is not simply another tool, this is a true game-changer that will enormously benefit you in campaign performance. Now you can combine the power of Google RDS ads and use the Madgicx platform to launch massive campaigns on Facebook and Google at once. With Facebook audiences you’ll only be able to reach Facebook Visitors; however, if a visitor comes to your site, you want to be able to target them on their favorite websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and more. 

The power of Madigcx and GDN: 

Madgicx harnesses the power of Facebook and Google into one omnichannel platform where these channels are able to effectively communicate with each other. Your key data on one of these platforms can greatly enhance your targeting abilities on the other. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save ample time by using the Madgicx platform to set up your campaigns and launch Facebook ads directly into a Google campaign. 🚀

Who can use the tool? 

If you're already using Madgicx or just found out about us, and you’re currently using Google ads as one of your advertising channels, take a quick glance and try our seven-day free trial. To learn more about use-cases, check out Madgicx's GDN User Index. If you just want to connect the account with Madgicx, here is a guide to help you get started: Madgicx and GDN Settings: Step-by-Step.👀


Features & Capabilities:

  • Launch Facebook and Google ads simultaneously  

  • Learn from Facebook insights and optimize your Google ads

  • Deploy top Facebook ad copies and creatives directly into Google

  • Turn your top Facebook Ads into Google GDN ads 

  • Use your Facebook account data to efficiently target customers on Google

  • Get reporting on performance trends and campaign analysis 

  • Compare your channels and learn how one platform might outperform the other 

  • Breakdown campaigns on both channels on the Madgicx Dashboard 

  • Launch a full-funnel strategy on Google and Facebook in a few clicks

  • Test multiple inputs and optimize ads based on performance 

  • Reach 95% of the online advertising space on Facebook and Google 

  • Launch ad campaigns for Google and Facebook using the Madgicx ARR audience strategy 

Madgicx has expanded your potential to reach your customers. Google Responsive Display ads (RDS) are one of Google's features which will greatly enhance your customer engagement. Madgicx, as an omnichannel, will help you gain further data about your target audience and enhance your performance for all your ads. 🙌

Get Started:

With our easy launching process, you should be setting up your campaigns across both channels using Madgicx. To learn more about this tool, you can check out our Step-by-Step Guide or Madgicx's GDN User Index. If you want to connect your account directly, you can do so through Madgicx's Settings. 

As always, all of these articles are available in the In-App Guide, or you can learn more about a tool by selecting the question mark icon next to each tool. 

We wish you luck getting started! If you have any further questions, please reach out to our support team; we're always happy to help! 🤩

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