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Those familiar with Madgicx as a platform will know that the Dashboard is usually the first step when monitoring all your campaigns and metric analytics. 

Of course this feature will remain as-is, but with the introduction of the GDN feature, we decided to make a Google Dashboard in order to provide you with a clear view of the results and performance of the campaigns in question. 

The Google Dashboard 

On the Google Dashboard, you can see all your Google Metrics such as Active CPM, CTR, Conversions, and more. You can also measure your overall performance by comparing several different metrics at once.    

Using the Google Dashboard:

Change the date on the upper right-hand side of the screen to view performance within the selected time frame.       

Google Campaign Performance:  

The Campaign Performance Overview allows you to compare two different metrics at a time while viewing the campaign performance on a comprehensible graph. You can compare many metrics to determine your account performance, such as Spend vs. Average Cost, as shown below.   

  • Aggregated View: Includes overall account performance  

  • Campaign View: Breaks down campaign performance individually.

Who will benefit from this tool?
If you are already using Madgicx, then you will be able to benefit from this tool immediately by linking your GDN account on the Settings Page. If you are just finding out about us and using google ads as one of your advertising channels, then we recommend taking a quick glance and trying out our seven-day free trial. 🤗

To learn more about use-cases, check out Madgicx's GDN Users Index.

If you want to Connect your GDN account with Madgicx, here is a guide that will help you get started: Madgicx and GDN Settings Step-by-Step.

For a click-through tutorial of the Dashboard, click here. We wish you luck getting started! Be sure to check out the App guide, which has numerous articles, click through tutorials, and videos. Or reach out to our support team! We're always here for you! 🧙‍♂️

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