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This article will explain how to connect your Google account with Madgicx. The process is simple, all you have to do is follow the steps below! (Just a side note, we also have a click-through tutorial on the App Guide, so you can go through these steps manually if you prefer.) 

Once your Google account is set up, you can begin launching your Google Campaigns on Madgicx right away.  

Step 1 - Connect: 

Connect your Google Ad Accounts with Madgicx from the Settings panel, as shown below. 

Step 2 - Add Email: 

Once you select Add Google Account you will then be asked to select the email address associated with your Ad Account.

Step 3 - Grant Permission: 

Once the appropriate account has been selected, click on the 'Allow' button on the bottom right-hand corner. This will grant Madgicx permission to Manage your GDN Campaigns on Google.

Step 4 - Settings:  

Once you’ve added your account, you'll need to ensure everything is set up correctly through the Settings tabs. Be sure to check both Basic and Advanced Settings.  

Basic Settings: 

  • Account Name 

  • Account ID 

  • Last 30 Days Spend 

  • Time Zone 

  • Connect Google Analytics

You may also want to connect Google Analytics to your account, This gives you more options to create audiences from Google Analytics rather than Google Ads, if this account doesn't contain enough data. In order to set up your Google Analytics correctly, you'll need to ensure that you choose the properties and the "view" with the most relevant data.

Advanced Settings: 

  • Connected Account Name 

  • Connected Facebook Account 

  • Change your Name Stamp (white-labeling across the account) 

  • Default Google URL 

  • Business Name (you can edit) 

  • Upload your Logo 

Once you have confirmed the settings are correct, you are all set to get started. Follow this Step-by-Step Guide for a walk-through of the campaign creation process. If you want to learn more about this tool's features, select Madgicx Features and Capabilities to learn more. 

If you're having trouble connecting, check out this article on how to reset your permissions on Google, or reach out to our support team for further guidance! 🧙‍♂️

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