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Custom Automation is an automation tool that automatically takes action on your behalf according to rules with set metrics and values. 

This tool gives you the ability to combine tactics and conditions to create a strategy of your own that is suitable for even the most complex requirements. Follow this five step guide to learn how to set up Custom Automation conditions and rules, and launch them continuously or during specific time frames.  

Step 1: 

Select "Custom Automation" and choose the Level at which you’d like to set the Custom Automation: 

Step 2: Available Actions

Shown below are the triggers which can be applied to a tactic. In other words, these actions will take place when the rules outlined by you are met. Actions vary according to the Campaign Level, Ad Set Level, and Ad Level. 

Step 3: Choose your Metrics

Choose up to 300 metrics to create tactics that best suit your business’ value model and the process you use to operate your business.

While building a set of rules it’s necessary to take the following into consideration:  

  1. All conditions will be checked from the bottom-up; meaning the first conditions are represented from the inside out. As seen in the image below, the Blue Tactics will fire first, followed by the purple, and then finally the green.
    You can make as many conditions as you’d like.

  2. Each set of conditions can be set to either ‘AND’ / ‘OR’ by clicking on the colored caption, which will change how the rule will function.  

  3. If you set the condition as ‘AND,’ both conditions must be met in order to trigger. 

  4. If you set the condition as ‘Or,’ at least one of the conditions must be met in order to trigger. 

  5. Conditions are created based on the following components: 

    -A selected KPI (from the list of all available KPI's).
    -The time range is selected from the drop-down menu.
    -A specific operator for equal, greater, or less than.
    -The value (a number that dictates the condition value).

    6. Each condition can be set on Dynamic as well.

    7. Hovering on a condition will reveal a trash icon in order to delete that condition. 

(Note: Deleting a condition can only be performed from the bottom up). 

Step 4: Scheduling your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

Date Schedule: This will dictate the exact date range that the tactic will be applied.

-Run continuously: Tactics will run forever unless you manually disabled it.

-Between specific dates: Tactics will run between the selected dates.

Day and Time Schedule

-Run continuously: Tactics will run all day, every day.

-On specific days/hours: Tactics will run on set days and times.

  1. Performance Graded by: Shows selected KPI's (ROAS, Purchased Value, or Leads) that are a performance indicator according to the last x amount of days as shown on the graph in blue. The purple dotted line represents the average metric value. 

  2. Week Mode: The tactics are active every day of the week.
    The green divisions represent the blocks of time in which the tactics will be active. (The tactics can be set in up to nine separate time frames per day). See the image below:

3. Custom Mode:  The tactics are set to individual days of the week AND set time frames. Here you also have the option to set your tactics on specific blocks of the day. The green represents when these time periods are active  (the tactics can be set in nine separate time frames per day). See the image below. 

Step 5: Where to Apply your Custom Tactics

  1. The white labeling of the campaign tactic name can be changed here

Select Manual campaigns or apply tactics to campaigns using the Filter option. 

Manual: You can specify which campaigns you’d like the tactic to be applied to. 

Filters: Select Filters and your Custom Automation rules will be applied to Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads that meet specific criteria; such as status, name, or funnel type. You can create filters with one or more conditions in order to ensure the right type of tactic matches the right asset.   


Once you choose the Campaigns, Ad Sets, or Ads you want to apply the Custom Automation to, you can go ahead and select 'Next' to complete the process.  

Note: You can find all of your tactics under Automation --> Manage automation tactics. On the Manage Automation Board you can:

  1. Status: Turn tactics on and off 

  2. Rule Name: Shows which tactic it is 

  3. Running On/Entities: How many Ad Sets are applied and if the tactic selection is set to filter (only custom automation can be set to filter)   

  4. Last Trigger: Whether or not the tactic was triggered, the time and date that it triggered. 

  5. Edit: Ability to edit the tactic, delete, or view historic changes on the tactic  

  6. Search for a specific tactic 

  7. View: The 'authors' of each tactic, who on your team is responsible for creating this tactic. 

  8. Show: All statuses, enabled or disabled statuses. 

That’s it, within a few clicks you’re able to create complex rules that will help automate all levels of your account.  You can optimize your account in real time 24/7, even while you're sleeping.  

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We hope your results are Madgical! 

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