How to regain access, or permit access to your Page
Please follow this 5 step guide to re-authenticate your token and regain access to your Facebook page on Madgicx. 

Step 1. 

Go into Facebook and select the black arrow found on the right hand side of the screen. And then select settings, as seen below or Click Here

Step 2. 

Select Business integrations on the left hand menu bar. And it will open the business integrations page. Select Madgicx 

Step 3. Remove the Madgicx App to remove the token (for the time being, don’t worry!) 

Step 4. 

Don’t select the checkbox, but DO select remove again.

Step 5. Go to back to Madgicx Settings and select reauthenticate to re-establish the token and gain permissions once again. 

Last - And Most Important Step

Step 6
When the pop-up appears and you see the blue button "Choose What you Allow" - Click it. Make sure to click every dropdown and ensure that every page, account, Instagram is selected. (Don't worry- we don't see any of the details of these accounts. It's simply permissions for your own account) 

Click ok and you should be good to go 🤩✨

If you are still experiencing permission issues, please contact our Madgicx Wizards through Intercom support 🧙‍♂️

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