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You may have questions such as, what's the best ad copy length? Should I or should I not use emojis? Does my ad copy resonate with my audience? At Madgicx we're prepared to answer all of these common questions. Instead of shooting in the dark, you can now create ad copies that will engage and draw in your audience.

Ad Copy Insights use your overall data to measure your performance right down to the smallest details.  

How Facebook helps optimize your ads:

One of Facebook’s most recent tools is Dynamic Creative Ads. “Dynamic Creative Ads use multiple ad components (such as images, videos, titles, descriptions and CTAs) and then optimizes them to deliver efficient results.”  This helps you target the appropriate audience with optimized combinations. While Facebook optimizes your ads based on the information you provide them with, the question "Which of my ad copies work best for my audiences?" is still unanswered.  

How to improve your ad copy performance: 📈

If you want to create the best possible content for your audience and save time trying to figure out what’s actually working, Madgicx’s Ad Copy Insights and Creative Insights are the right tools for the job.
Madgicx aggregates all your ads with similar images and texts. This unified data helps you understand precisely which creatives and ad copies perform best overall. Madgicx will help you answer questions such as:
"Which format is working best with my audience?"
"Should I keep using emojis in my ad copies? 🤨"  
"Which ad copies are working best with a specific audience?"  

Ad Copy Performance Graph: 📊

How to gain insights from the comparison graph:  

The comparison graph displays Spend vs. Performance. This graph gives you the opportunity to identify your best/worst performing ad copies and pinpoint wasteful spending.

By analyzing the graph, you can make conclusions about your performance by looking at the icons, which appear on:  

  • The upper left Quartile (green) --> Scalable creatives

  • The bottom left Quartile (pink) --> Getting Started creatives

  • The bottom right (pink) --> Overspend, some of these ad sets need to be sunsetted/paused 

  • The top right (green) --> Core performers 

 The graph can be filtered according to time range, minimum/maximum spend, and smart performance filtering.  

  • Min spend - Input a value to show only ads with higher spend than the entered value. Since this will only show ads that have already spent a certain amount, they will have more accumulated data. To locate these ads on the graph, you can set the minimum spend higher.    

  • Max spend - Input a value to show ads with lower spend then the entered value. This can be used to compare your newest creatives and see how they're performing so far.  

Smart Performance Filter - The Smart Performance Filter is part of our Ad Copy Insights and Creative Insights tools that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Use Smart Performance Filtering to reach the micro level of your ad performance and find out which ad copies and creatives work best for specific audiences. To determine which type of ad copies resonated with a specific audience, use multiple filters such as dimension, age, gender, placement, device, ARR segment, and country.

For example, you could use the smart filtering for:  

Gender: Male

Format: Long   

Age: 35-44

With Emojis: Yes 

ARR: Acquisition 

The filter will bring up all the ads you currently run according to your filter requirements and you’ll be able to select the top performing ads for this audience segment. 

Launch Ads From Ad Copies Using Creative Clusters: 

Select your Top Ad Copies and select “Open in Ads Launcher." Next, you’ll be able to mix and match your top ad copies and top creatives on the Creative Clusters page and launch these powerful combinations into an existing campaign.  

Sort By - Sort through your ad copies along the bottom of the Creative Performance Graph based on specific KPIs such as: 

  • Revenue - high first

  • Revenue - low first

  • Amount Spent - high first

  • Amount Spent - low first 

If you select “all copies,” then you will see all ad copies categorized according to the amount spent and revenue filter. See the photo below: 


AI Ad Copy Length 

What is the right number of words to drive conversion? Do you elaborate too much, or maybe not enough? Let Madgicx analyze your data to precisely answer these questions for you.

The widget below breaks down performance based on Short, Medium, or Long text. This gives insight into the length of texts you’re using in your ads and provides performance data based on each text type.  

AI Ad Copy Length allows you to restructure your texts based on these results, which makes it exceptionally useful. For example, if you see that you’ve used only Long-form text, you might want to consider using Short form text as well. 

Emoji Performance 🤩

Emoji have become a prominent element in ads over the last couple of years. Therefore, deciding whether to use them and choosing the right ones is crucial for your ad’s success.

The Emoji Performance displays the percentage of ad copies containing emojis vs. ad copies without, and details their performance based on revenue and spend. 

Here you can conclude whether or not it’s worth it to include emojis in your ad copy.  

Similar to Emoji Performance, Link Performance displays how many of your Ads contain links and how much revenue came from ads with links vs without links. On the right hand side you can see the top links you’ve used. 

AI Tags 

The AI Tags at the bottom of the page is one of the features we at Madgicx are most proud of. AI algorithms tag language elements that drive performance across different audiences to let you understand which words sell. The tags are created using AI vision technology and they’re segmented specifically according to words that represent organizations, quantities, people, locations (anything); users will have the insight regarding what type of written ad copy advertising works best for them. 

Next to each segment, you’ll find the exact number of ad copies that contain this tag word along with how much revenue and spend is allocated to Ads with that specific tag word, helping you determine if this language has improved your performance or not.

Top Phrases 

Displays which phrase brought the most revenue and how much was spent on ads containing a specific phrase. Top Phrases are displayed and graded according to revenue and spend. They also provide insights into how many ads copies contain this phrase.  

Ad Copy Insights can be a game-changer when developing targeted ads that resonate with your audiences. Our advanced data tools give you the insight you require to enhance your ads. The most effective way to scale your ads would be to use ad copy insights alongside Madgicx’s Creative Insights tool. The two go hand in hand and will help you scale your performance.















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