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Ad Care allows you to maximize the advertising real-estate, and have more contact with your audience. It adds an automatic comment to every ad that you post with more information about your brand and allows viewers to unsubscribe from your advertising.

This tool takes care of an area that many advertisers overlook – the comments section on Facebook ads. Facebook users often look into the comments section when looking for reviews, feedback, and additional information about the product or service: with Ad Care, you can control what they see there as well. Facebook’s algorithm takes comments very seriously: it considers the comments when calculating the ad quality and engagement score, so having positive comments can improve the overall ad performance and vice versa.

How does Ad Care work?

Ad Care automatically adds the first comment to every ad post. In this comment, you can share additional information about the brand, add a link to your website, or add prompts to control the narrative in the comment section. This way, you maximize the ad-space “real-estate”, and gain more engagement and traffic.

Ad Care also helps avoid negative comments, which will help maintain your brand's reputation and page score over time. Ad Care helps these users who are not interested in your ads to unsubscribe, instead of reporting the ad to Facebook or posting negative comments. This way, you protect your ads from negative reactions, and make sure that you have an interested audience.

How does it work: Madgicx includes an unsubscribe link ( in the comments so users can opt-out of your ads. Once a user clicks the link, they'll reach a landing page hosted by Madgicx, and automatically connected to your pixel. Users who click it will automatically be added to your default exclusion audience, and will be excluded from all your future ad campaigns.

How to set up Ad Care? 

Step 1:

First, open the app and click on Ad Care on the menu to the left.

Step 2:

Add your page and press Set Auto Comment:

Step 3:

Type in the content for the auto comment:

Step 4:

Create the Unsubscribe Page:

Step 5:

Create the Resubscribe Page (in case someone changes their mind):

Step 6:

Select the ads you wish to comment on:

If you tick Apply to all ads, the comment will be added to all your future Facebook ads as well.

Once you've finished, you’re all set. Good luck!

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