Ad Care is a Madgicx product available on the Madgicx all-in-one Facebook Ads platform. This plug-in takes care of an area that many advertisers overlook – the comments section on Facebook ads. Facebook’s algorithm takes comments very seriously, and so should advertisers. Comments on an ad are taken into consideration when calculating the ad quality and engagement score. Therefore, having positive comments can improve the overall ad performance while negative comments can really harm it . This can cause poor ratings and a negative presence on Facebook and can eventually effect overall account performance.

Nowadays, Facebook users often look into the comments section when looking for reviews, feedback, and additional information about the product or service before they make their decision. So far, advertisers have neglected “owning” the narrative of their Facebook ads comments. However, with Madgicx Ad Care, this situation is about to change.

Ad Care automatically adds a comment to the Facebook post when the add is posted. This is likely to be the first visible comment on the ad. In this comment, advertisers can share important information that they didn't mentioned in the ad itself, or add a link to their website, bringing more traffic to their website. This tactic lets them control the narrative of the comment section. Just by showing a presence, they are getting more “real-estate” from the ad space, and at the same time gaining more engagement for their ad (and their Facebook page).

"Haters" can destroy your companies overall view with just one comment, a key factor of Ad Care is that it helps avoid these negative comments. This is achieved thanks to a key feature of Ad Care which manages the unsubscribing process from the advertiser’s ads. Madgicx includes an unsubscribe link ( in the comments which is there to help users opt-out in case they don’t want to see the advertiser’s ads anymore. Once a user clicks the link, they'll reach a landing page hosted by Madgicx. Madgicx automatically places the advertiser’s pixel on this page and Facebook users who click it will automatically be excluded from future ad campaigns. Technically speaking, the people who visit this page will be excluded within Madgicx’s default exclusions in the advanced settings. 

Unsubscribing these users through Madgicx instead of having them report the ad to Facebook spares the advertiser negative feedback and improves the overall user experience. 

Madgicx's CEO, Yahav Hartman, explains that “with Facebook ads, it’s not always about budget, bidding, and optimization. It’s also about the surroundings. Ad Care demonstrates that Madgicx goes beyond conventional ad-buying tactics and focuses on improving performances through better customer experience.”

Feedback from beta testing: while testing Ad Care with a selected group of Madgicx customers, we received a lot of traction and positive feedback in reaction to this new Facebook ads comments concept. Some users clicked unsubscribe just out of curiosity, which led to adding a “resubscribe” link.

How does Ad Care work? 

As a Madgicx user, just open the app and click “Ad Care” on the menu to the left.

Add your page and press “Set Auto Comment”:

Type in the content for the auto comment:

Create the unsubscribe page:

And the resubscribe page (in case someone mistakenly unsubscribes):

Select the ads you wish to comment on:

If you tick “Apply to all ads,” the comment will be added to all your future Facebook ads as well.

Once you've finished, you’re all set. Good luck!

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