This article will cover everything you need to know regarding the Madgicx settings page. 

Current Plan

     Initially, when you navigate to the page, you will notice that the very first panel (at the top of the page) shows your current plan or subscription with Madgicx. In this panel, you will be able to unsubscribe or edit your current subscription, but you will also be able to see detailed information regarding your plan, such as how many ad accounts you may have.

Your Facebook Ad Accounts

     The second panel on the page will allow you to adjust the settings of the Facebook Ad Account associated with the account. At the top right-hand corner of this panel, there are two buttons, "Reauthenticate" and, "Add Facebook Account".  The Reauthenticate button will re-establish the contract with the Facebook token and automatically load new data when pressed. The Add Facebook Account button will allow you to connect additional Facebook Ad Accounts, should you need. 

     Right below these buttons, on the same panel, notice that the Facebook settings are split into two categories; basic settings and advanced settings. In the basic settings tab, you will be able to see a few things:
          1. The names of the connected accounts will be listed
          2. Type of account (Leads, E-Commerce, or App Installs)
          3. The amount spent in the last 30 days for each account (for the combined                      amount of all ad accounts, look at Current Media Spend Rates)
          4. The Attribution window (only for show, it can be adjusted through Facebook)
          5. The timezone associated with each ad-account
          6. The option to remove existing accounts through the garbage can icon                            (cannot have less than one account listed)

     From here, clicking on the advanced settings will allow you to view or edit a few more settings associated with your ad-account:

          1. The names of the connected accounts will be listed
          2. There is an option to exclude specific audiences
          3. The default Facebook page associated with the account can be changed                       here
          4. The default Instagram page can also be changed from this tab
          5. The default Pixel can be viewed and selected from this tab as well
          6. The name stamp can be changed from here as well (for white labeling                            purposes), you can learn more about how to do so here.

     Moving on to the panel located directly below the Facebook Ad Accounts, this is where you can find and edit your account information:

     It should be mentioned that editing the e-mail address through this panel will only change the recipient address for future communications from us, it will not change the e-mail address used to log-in. Additionally, the password can be changed only if you are not signed in through your Facebook or Shopify account.

Payment History 

     Finally, you can find and edit your billing information in the last panel labeled, "Payment History". From here, you can view/change your billing details and find your previous invoices. 

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