Breakdown of Creative Insights

Creatives are a critical component of a Facebook advertising strategy. Creative Insights presents data-based insights allowing the user to understand exactly what is working and what is not at the creative level. Here you will discover which creatives are resonating with your target audiences and at what part of the funnel this is happening. Find which creatives are producing results that is being under-utilized and on the other end find wasteful spend. You'll also be able to schedule weekly Creative Briefs to be sent to your designer in order to improve your strategy.

Please Note- The time frame in the top right corner affects the entire page

The chart at the top of the page breaks down performance based on creative type and gives insight into the type that your audiences are responding best to. 


Creative Performance Graph  

A comparison graph of spend vs. revenue displaying each creative's performance allowing the user to easily see the best/worst performing creatives.

  • Min spend - input a value to show only ads with higher spend than the entered value
  • Max spend - input a value to show only ads with lower spend than the entered value
  • Adjusting the min and max spend can help you also zoom into the graph
  • Filter - filter which ads will be displayed by checking one or more from the available filters such as: dimension, age, gender, placement, device, ARR segment and country.
  • AI Feature Tag- Within the Filter tab, you will see an option named "AI Feature Tag." This is a feature unique to the Madgicx platform allowing the user to analyze actual elements of his creatives and filter creatives based on specific elements. Our software will automatically recognize and tag all creatives elements such as: clothing, animals, weather, indoor/outdoor, materials, electronics, expressions etc… This allows the user to see and filter based on these specific elements and better understand them as KPIs. (See more on AI Feature Tags Below)


Launch Ads From Creative Insights Using Creative Clusters- Users have the option to open selected ads directly into a Creative Cluster chart from the creative insights page. This allows you to pick and choose the best combination of creatives and ad copies for any of the selected ads.
For more information about launching creative through the creative studio click here


Sort By- This option allows users to sort their creatives along the bottom of the Creative Performance Graph based on specific KPIs such as: 

  • Revenue - high first
  • Revenue - low first
  • Amount spent - high first
  • Amount spent - low first
  • Creative type
  • Creative ratio

A few notes -

  • Creative (#) - showing number of creative available within the filter and time frame limitation
  • # Selected - showing number of creatives selected


Creative Performance Trends 

The Creative Performance Trends Chart allows you to see how individual creatives perform on a weekly basis up against other creatives. You'll also be able to compare trends based on selected KPIs which can be chosen in the drop down menu in the top right corner. 


AI Feature Tag Bar Graph (Tool Unique to the Madgicx Platform)

The bar graph at the bottom of the page is one of the features we at Madgicx are most proud of. With this graph, users are able to determine what aspects of their creatives speak best to their audiences. Whether it is a computer, a pet, a person (anything); users will have the insight on what type of advertising works best for them. 

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