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Launching new Ad combinations into existing ad sets/campaigns is made simple with Madgicx using the Creative Clusters. 💪

  • The first step is to head to creative clusters section which can be selected from the Launcher tab. 

Creative Clusters Panel- This Table displays all of the ad account’s creatives in the first row.
In the first column on the left are all of the ad accounts' ad copies (the ad text) the rest of the table displays if there is an existing combination of the creative and ad copy for each intersection, and with a click of a button, you can generate new and existing combinations of ads to existing campaigns and ad sets.

Time frame - controlling which ads creatives and copies will show by adjusting the time frame, ads that were active at that time will be shown. 

How to find top creatives: 

Our color coding system helps you track your best performing ads. More about this in How to read madgicx grading. 

Top Creative - Grading by color - going from
Dark green as the best performance
Light green as good performance
Light pink as bad performance
Dark pink as the worst performance

Graded by: Choose a KPI from the drop down to set the performance grading from, allowing to search for a metric.

Control the displayed ads 

Discover ads by how much they spent, set a value and it will only display ads that spent more than that value. 

Filter - control which ads will be displayed by checking one or more from the creatives types, dimension, age, gender, placement, device. ARR and country


Once you've selected your Ads, click the create button on the top right. 

  • Select where you'd like to apply this creative. 

You have a few options: 

  • You can select specific ad sets, 

  • You can decide to apply your new creative into Ad sets which don't already have that creative combination. 

  • You can search for a specific ad set you'd like to launch your creatives into using the search bar. 

In a few clicks you can launch your new creatives into preexisting campaigns.   🙌✔

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