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To see which ad sets are performing the best, check out the Madgicx grading system! This system highlights your best performing ad sets and allows you to be hyper aware as to which ad sets are not performing optimally.

The grading system appears in a few places across the Madgicx platform. You can find it in the following locations

  1. In Campaign Overview under weekly over time performance. In this section each box represents 1 week and compares your ad set performance to all other ad sets which ran that week.

  2. Creative Clusters section.

  3. Ad-Set Story Line

Performance will be measured by the user selected metric from the drop down and color-coded according to the following color scheme:   

  • Your Best performing ads appear in a darker Green

  • Your Good performing ads appear in a light Green

  • Your Below average performing ads appear in light pink 

  • Your Worst performing ads appear in dark pink 


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