Category affinity, is an audience from Madgicx Launcher allowing you to create a target audience based on the users visits in a specific product set with in your facebook catalog

Once your facebook catalogs are set up and you've selected the category affinity audience on Madgicx, select a catalog from the drop-down and then to select a category (Catalog product set) also from a drop down. 

The category will not appear if you haven't created a product set for your catalog in the Facebook Business Manager.

In that case you'll need to: 

  1. Head to the Facebook Business Manager
  2. Click on the top left Main Drop-Down menu
  3. Click on All Tools 
  4. Select the Catalog Manager 
  5. Pick a catalog from the Catalog Manager
  6. Click on Create product set 
  7. Here you can Select filters for your category 
  8. Click create!  
  9. Re-Authenticate with Madgicx in Settings

Your categories will then appear in the category drop down! See the GIF below for a visual explanation. 

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