A Facebook Lookalike audience is created through Facebook by finding audiences which match your custom audience.

Running an A/B test with a smaller percentage will create a lookalike closer to your custom audience, while a greater percentage will generate a larger audience with less common denominators. 

Once you've run your experiment for a few days you can identify which test had the best results by looking at  KPIs such as your Cost per conversion or Cost per click,  and click through rate.  

To run an accurate test the settings and budget should be set up identically to ensure the LLA % is the only differentiating factor.  

With Madgicx setting up an A/B test is really quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get setup in a few clicks.


Step 1:
First make sure you have selected your Audience, Recency, Conversion Type, Location, Age, Gender, and Placement

Step 2. 

Click on the Duplicate icon from your LLA audience

Step 3
Click the First Ad-Set and set the desired percentage for the First Ad-set

Step 4.  
Click the Second Ad-Set and set the desired percentage for the Second Ad-set


After we have chosen the percentages, click save changes in the top right corner.

 So if for example you can one of them to be 0-1% while the second one is on 0-3%.
PS. You can create as many splits as you want just keep duplicating the ad sets and setting different percentages 

With Madgicx you can increase your reach using up to 20% Lookalike. Remember, the lower the percentage, the closer the similarities will be to your custom audience. The higher the percentage, less in similarities but a wider range of people.   

And that's how you split Look-Alike percentages in Madgicx! 

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