Madgicx segregates audiences according to Acquisition Prospecting, Acquisition Re-engagement, Retargeting and Retention. 

This structure is proven to improve performance, save time and gives agencies the upper hand when managing multiple clients at once. 

Now that you've created audiences across the full funnel, the next step is to launch your audiences into campaigns. Your campaign options include the Madgicx Default structure, launching audiences into existing campaigns or creating a new campaign.  

Why do We Suggest the Default Structure When Starting Off? 

The Madgicx Default structure segments your audiences according to Acquisition, Acquisition re-engagement, Retargeting and Retention. 

For example Acquisition audiences will be placed under Acquisition, If the campaign is already created under Acquisition, Retargeting or Retention then your Ad set will automatically be added under one of those existing campaigns.

You can also easily select whether you'd like your Campaign budget to run under CBO or ABO. 

Through the Ads manager, you only have the option to run your budget as CBO, but through Madgicx we allow you to allocate the budget to ABO so you have a little more control as to how your budget is being dispersed. 😎


The ARR structure really sets you up with a professional online marketing strategy. We can't say this enough, creating a full funnel ARR strategy is essential when analyzing your account, managing budgets and scaling your audiences to get the best results.   🚀

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