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The Surf Tactic on the ad set level:

Surf is a tactic used for scaling well performing ad sets by increasing the budget after a conversion has happened

Setting up Surf on the Ad Set level:

First we should choose the level which you will apply the Surf tactic:

  • Surf Ad-Set level for ABO type campaigns

  • Surf CBO for CBO type campaigns 

For Surf CBO, follow this guide by clicking 👇 on the button below🚀

Summary of How the Tactic Process Works

Every day, the tactic will check if one of the predefined conditions are met and if not, the tactic will reset. The next day will restart the same process, therefore the event has to be one that is likely to occur during the time frame of a single day. In order to check if an event is suitable for the tactic, the user should make sure that the average cost per conversion for acquisition is less than the average daily ad-spend.

An even better route is to relay on an event that occurs more than once per one day to ensure that the tactic will trigger and optimize the ad's performance.

Step 1 - Choosing an Event -

When choosing the event for the Surf tactics to optimize and scale upon, it is crucial to pick an event that occurs at least once a day...
However, as previously mentioned, it's even better to choose an event that happens more than once for a better optimization process.

Step 2 - Setting up the Tactic's Conditions and Actions

Condition 1 - First Condition for Increasing Budget

If the "EVENT" occurred  X times or more - and ad set spend is less than Y than Surf!

  • Finding the Right X - We want to surf at the beginning of the ad-set's daily journey, so we will set an X that will happen in the 10% spend of the entire ad-set budget. That way we'll have enough time to surf and see the results. 

  • Finding the right Y value - Two options in this case:

  1. When Going Static - The Y value can be the average cost per X EVENT or 10% lower so it will recognized a good result

  2. When going dynamic- You can actually choose the KPI for cost per 1 EVENT and multiply it by 0.9 to have it recognize good results for that event.

Setting up the surf amounts by %

This Table can be customized

First a "Max Surf" should be set ( it might be best to put the ad-set budget as a limit - that way the most it will surf is 100%)

If Condition #1 exceeds the given parameters, then the ad-set budget will increase by the values seen in the table below. 

Segmenting the Ad-Sets 

  • The software will recognize the Ad-Set's budget and automatically segment it by low, medium, or high segments based on dynamic accounts values. 

  • The software then segments the performance by checking the Ad-Set's ROAS (Performance in last 7 days and 3 days)

Step 3 - Applying the Tactic on Ad-Sets

Last step of creating the tactic, will show you a list of all running acquisition campaigns, ad sets and ads. Mark the assets that you would like to be affected.

  • Auto Add Function - Clicking twice on a check box will add an “A” letter within the checkbox, indicating that the campaign/ad sets will automatically add any future ad-sets/ads inside the campaign/ad-set

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