Having issues seeing your Facebook Catalogs? Let's go through the following steps🧐

Don't Have Catalogs Set-up Yet? 

  1. Go to Facebook Catalog Manager 
  2. Select "Create Catalog"
  3. Follow the provided steps to set up your catalog. 
  4. Now that you've got that set up - continue to follow the steps below. 

Already Have Catalogs Set-up?

  1. Go to Facebook Business Settings 
  2. On the top left - Select "Users" --> "People"
  3. Select "Add Asset" 
  4. In the pop-up window under "Asset Type" select "Catalog"
  5. Choose the desired Catalog
  6. Give Admin Permissions to the user
  7. Hit the save button 
  8. Go back to Madgicx Settings and Re-Authenticate under Facebook Token

If this didn't solve your issue - reach out to the support team and ask us to manually reset your catalogs for you. 


  • Make sure your catalog is both on Shopify and Facebook - Otherwise Madgicx will not have access to view that catalog. 
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