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Ads not showing in the ad picker on Madgicx? 🙇

This can be solved by the following solutions 🔮

  1. Please start by selecting a wider time-frame in the top right corner of the Ad-Picker, or any other Madgicx tool you currently on (default setting set on 7 days) 📆

  2. Madgicx will only display campaigns, ad sets, and ads that have at least one impression 📺

  3. If your ads do not have impressions - you can find those ads by searching for the ad ID within the Launcher (See Below)

  4. If your ads do have impressions - If your searching for an ad that has been duplicated in the past, Madgicx will only show a single version of an ad once- If you have created the exact ad in the past you will not see it in most recent.

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