Madgicx's Automation Tactics will run automated checks on two levels: live feedback and time cycles. However, when using Custom Automation Tactics, you can decide how often you'd like the cycles to run.

Basic Automation Tactics

On basic Automation Tactics such as Surf, Stop Loss, Sunsetting, and Revive, the Automation Tactics will fire according to the checks below.

  • Live Feedback every:
    ✔ 10 (currency spend)
    ✔ Link click
  • Time Cycles every:
    ✔ Stop Loss & Sunsetting: 25 min
    ✔ Surf: 45 min
    ✔ Revive: 60 min

Advanced Automation Tactics
On Custom Automation Tactics, you have the option to select a frequency regarding how often the tactics will check and potentially trigger.

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