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There are two main categories of creative ads: DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) and DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization).

What’s the difference?

DPAs look similar to other ads that are running on your Facebook, Instagram, and GDN (Google Display Network) accounts, but they allow you to create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your data feed. For example, if you change the price on one of your catalog items, a DPA will reflect this change immediately.

DCO ads, on the other hand, use data about the viewer to create personalized ads. It will show different products to different users, based on what users are most likely to respond to at the moment of ad serving.

Does Madgicx support them?

Currently, Madgicx only supports DPAs, and not DCOs (updates on the way 😉). If you are using Madgicx for DPAs, it’s possible that you won’t see previews of your ads, but they will look exactly as you designed them when you launch.

You can find your DPAs using the ad picker: if you can’t find them, try searching by ad ID or expanding the time frame you are looking at.


Currently, Madgicx supports DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads) but does not support DCOs (Dynamic Creative Optimization).

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