Plans for All types of Advertisers!

Having a sophisticated payment system has made Madgicx more convenient than ever before! Our new pricing plan prioritizes our user's needs and is suitable for all types of Advertiser's.

When you grow - Madgicx grows with you!

Choosing your plan:  

We offer full access to all of Madgicx tools on all levels of paid plans 💪

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly (-10%) or annually (-20%).

Your Ad spend will determine the price of your plan. If you exceed your Ad spend Madgicx will automatically upgrade your account to the next tier. If you're spending less in Ads you can downgrade your account manually through the settings panel to match a smaller plan.

Madgicx cheapest plan starts at Just 49$/month or 39$/month annually! 💰

Whether you spend 250$/month on Facebook Ads or $3M per month, we have plans that suit all types of users and accounts.

Getting set up: 🚀

  1. Simply head into settings and select upgrade at the top of the page or "change a plan"
  2. The next step is to select your plan. Start by choosing whether you'd like to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  3. Slide the purple button left or right to choose your monthly Ad spend.
  4. Depending on the selected plan, you will see how many ad accounts are included. If your current plan only allows 1 connected account, you can choose to pay 49$/extra Ad account. In this case select "Add Ad account"
  5. A summary of your plan will appear at the top of the box and a payment summary will appear on the right hand side.
  6. Approve that you have read our upgrade policy by selecting the box
  7. Select 'Upgrade' or 'Change plan'
  8. Begin scaling with Madgicx! 🙌

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