Building Facebook audiences from scratch is very similar to searching for gold in a gold mine. As we search, we begin to acquire clues as to where the gold is hidden.
when we find an area with a lot of gold, we will stay and open mining operations there. 

Madgicx created a unique ARR strategy to cover a full-funnel strategy, audience wise, to find your golden audiences in the most efficient way possible.  

Our Strategy comes from a known online marketing strategy that we have applied to our audiences within the Madgicx Tools by segmenting all target audiences into Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention segments. Doing so will allow you to use the efficient online marketing foundations for scaling on your audiences by increasing budgets from acquisition to retargeting to retention. 🧙‍♂️

Madgicx provides you with a business impact strategy that a Facebook agency would spend a few days on and charge high rates for maintaining it. Our goal is to do the same without compromising too much of your monthly budget. 

Our software allows you to grow your lifetime value by reducing the cost of acquisition, converting new customers (Retargeting), and increasing your Life-Time Value (Retention). 

A successful Ad Account comes from horizontal scaling, along with a variety of audiences that are proven to work. We want to grow our lifetime value while reducing the cost of acquisition.

Our 100+ audiences are carefully curated allowing our customers to create a Full-Funnel strategy in just a few clicks. 


Something important to note is that when creating acquisition audiences, there is an automatic exclusion of non-acquisition which is:

  • 30 Days- Website Visitors
  • 180 Days- Purchasers 

Acquisition is divided to Re-engagement and Prospecting Lookalike (LLA). 

Acquisition Re-engagement - These audiences are targeting people who had 2nd hand touch with your brand. Those users saw your videos or engaged with your ads, but they are considered as 'Acquisition' audiences since they did not visit your website or purchase from you.
You want to re-engage with those users who showed interest and drive them to your website. 🐱‍🏍 

Acquisition Prospecting LLA-  These audiences are made up of people who don't know your brand at all. They have never bought from you or visited your website so you are acquiring new customers who "look like" your ideal customers. We've created proven acquisition audiences for you!

As apart of our Acquisition prospecting we use the power of our AI eRFM Module which stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value. 

eRFM is a Micro strategy in targeting our most valuable customers. 

To learn more about our eRFM Module - Please visit the Article below 

The best strategy is to test both types of Acquisition. You can easily discover winning Acquisition Ad-Sets and begin optimizing in a much shorter time frame.  🙌🤑


These audiences have visited your website and are differentiated by engagement and intent levels. With this segment, you can re-target recent visitors and customers who have spent time browsing your website. 

Strategically you want to create different creatives for these audiences as they've already engaged with you and you don't want to be running the same ads as you would for Acquisition


Retention is where a lot of advertisers are missing the idea. If you're not thinking of LCV (Lifetime Customer Value) you're missing out on a very essential part of the funnel. 

Retention is where you can build loyal, lifetime customers based on your current customers. Here you have the option to select audiences such as those who have made a purchase in the last 10 days, those that have purchased specific products, and more. All of your insights from Retention should then be applied to your Acquisition strategy as you are building LLA off of these customers! 

In Acquisition prospecting LLA, your strategy should revolve around attracting new traffic and create an objective to reach people who don't know about you. This is a plan to convert cold traffic into paying customers. 

Our budget strategy is to allocate the majority of our budget to our acquisition prospecting campaigns and ad sets.    

As you can see in the diagram below, the majority of our budget funnels from Acquisition to Retargeting to Retention. You want to reach new potential customers first and foremost - and the only way to do that is through Acquisition. 

Our ARR Dashboard helps you to track your performance across all ARR segments and compare different KPIs (such as ROAS vs Ad spend, etc...), which gives you crucial insights about what's going on and how to shift your budgets to improve your strategy. 

The Strategy Statuses Drilldown is the first multidimensional analysis tool in the industry that helps you determine what metrics are causing the drop in performance.

With Madgicx, you can apply this ARR method and really understand where your traffic on Facebook is coming from. This way, you can build on your upon existing strategy and begin scaling effortlessly across your entire funnel! 🙌💖 

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