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Madgicx gives you the power to automate your account in real time 💪

The goal of Automation Tactics is to bring you miles ahead of your competitors by covering as much of the budget management process as possible, giving you the advantage to increase profitability and work on other aspects of your account and/or business.🚀

Note: Each of our tactics work hand in hand and therefore they should be set up simultaneously to cover all areas of your account. 

Madgicx Tactics Include: Surf, Sunsetting, Revive, Stop Loss and Custom Tactics.  

SURF (Ad set/Campaign) 

Surf is a daily offensive tactic which allows you to scale your performing ad sets and campaigns in real time. When our Ad sets are performing above average, we want to maximize on this window in time and increase our budgets to get as much out of our ads as possible.

When you set up the Surf tactic, you provide our AI system with rules to trigger your account as soon as it shows optimal performance. For example, you've reached more than one purchase and the day has just begun, therefore you would want to surf up the budget in real time and bring in as many more purchases as possible.   

To Learn more about Surf ABO click here
To Learn more about Surf CBO click here

Note: We allow you to surf on the Ad set or campaign level, depending on how you allocate your budgets. If for example your budget is placed on ABO then you should use the ABO Surf option.

STOP LOSS (Ad Set/Ad) 

Stop loss is a defensive tactic which protects your budget from overspending by pausing low-preforming ad sets with negative momentum as soon as it identifies them. 

Stop Loss is a daily tactic and at a local chosen time it turns the Ad set back on after it's been paused for the day. It's normal to experience some inconsistency within our account. Some Ads that performed well yesterday aren't performing well today and therefore we want to track this (See Sunsetting ) by turning off the Ad for the day so we don't bleed extra money. 

To Learn more about Stop Loss Ad Set Level here
To Learn more about Stop Loss Ad Level  here.


Revive goes hand in hand with Stop Loss, it brings your from the defensive back into the offensive game. In other words, it turns your Ad/Ad Set back on after it's been paused by Stop Loss. 

Sometimes we have attribution delays. If someone watched your ad in the morning, left his computer open and then came back and made a purchase, therefore this will no longer be considered an under-performing Ad and we'd want to turn it back on. That's why we would want to put Revive in place and bring our ads back to life. 

To Learn more about Revive Ad set Level Here
To Learn more about Revive Ad Level Here


Sunsetting is another tactic that shuts off under performing Ads/Ad sets , yet in this case, it'll shut them off for good. Sunsetting monitors your Ad sets/campaigns over time and it will decrease your budget and then permanently shut down Ad Sets/campaigns which didn't bring good results.  

To Learn more about Sunsetting Here. 

Custom Tactics

Custom Automation is an automation tool that automatically takes action on your behalf, according to rules with set metrics and values.

This tool gives you the ability to combine tactics and conditions to create a strategy of your own that is suitable for even the most complex requirements.

To learn more about Custom Tactics click here

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