Meet Madgicx's ARR Dashboard! 

The dashboard is frequently used as the advertiser's 'cockpit.' It is here that advertisers are presented with a clear overview of their account performance alongside deep insights regarding their KPIs, spending, and ROAS.

The data presented is easily understood thanks to the ARR Dashboard's segmentation.  

The four segments include:

  1. Acquisition Prospecting: Targeting people who never heard of your brand before.
  2. Acquisition Re-Engagement: Reaching audiences who have may have seen your ads before, but did not visit the website.
  3. Re-Targeting: Reaching audiences who visited your website in the past, but didn't convert.
  4. Retention: Increasing your AOV by building return customers.

ARR is a known marketing method that is used among the most successful agencies in the world. It's proven to help advertisers keep track of their performance and it's the reason Madgicx was built with an ARR strategy system in the first place. 

Instead of getting lost in a sea of data, you can easily customize your dashboard and choose KPIs that are relevant to your account. The time frame that is set in the right-hand corner will aggregate the data from that period.

The second widget on the dashboard is called the Strategy Status Overview, it is shown in the picture below. This is where you can compare various KPIs and examine your overall account performance. In order to change one of the metrics, you can select the dropdowns and customize your preferences. You can analyze two metrics within the graphs, such as ROAS and Amount Spent in order to identify overspending, and whether or not scaling has been profitable over time.    

If performance has dropped, it's critical to inspect why it happened. The Strategy Status Drilldown is the first multidimensional analysis tool that helps determine which metrics are causing a drop in performance. You can customize this widget as well by adjusting the metrics.

Last but not least is the Total Revenue segment, which displays your aggregated revenue according to the time frame that you select.

Madgicx provides advertisers with key information about their accounts and enhances analytics with straightforward graphs and clear insights regarding Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention.

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