Ad-Set Storyline Explained

The Ad Set Story Line was designed to help you track your performance across all of your Ad sets. Instead of making assumptions as to why your ad set's performance fluctuated, use this daily tracking tool to gather insights as to why your performance may have increased or decreased over a 7 day period.  

The Ad set storyline makes it possible to track individual Ad sets and define your performance by comparing events, metrics and time frames. Additionally, you can easily identify your performance as per the Madgicx, color coded grading system.

Finding your Ad Set: 

Select the Ad Set you would like to investigate using the drop down at the top of the screen.

Search for your Ad set using the tool bar at the top of the page, allow you to:

  1. Search for a specific campaign 
  2. Filter your search by only selecting Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention   
  3. See if your Ad set appears in the Drop down. 

Analyze your account: 

The line at the top of the screen represents a weekly time frame and the small icons represent actions that have taken place on the account, such as pausing the Ad Set, shifts in the budget and who was responsible for making changes on the selected Ad Set. This way you can understand whether a specific action such as adjusting the budget, had a positive or negative impact on your account. 

Key Metrics:

The Ad Set's performance is graded by key metrics. The metrics are divided into categories to help you understand which metrics represent performance across all areas of your Ad account. Beginning with Overview, lagging indicators and content performance.  


  • ROAS
  • Amount Spent

Lagging Indicators: 

  • Cost/Unique outbound clicks
  • Cost/unique add to cart 
  • Add to cart/Amount spent 

Content Performance: 

  • CTR
  •  Frequency 

Here's an example as to how you can quickly compare metrics to avoid future mistakes and leverage your performance.  

If you see your CTR rate has increased and your ROAS has increased you can conclude that you're converting customers based on your Ads. 

On the other hand, if you see that the CTR is high but the ROAS is low, then there might be an issue once people enter your website, perhaps there's an issue with your website such as the loading speed. 

When you review your results, it's crucial to look at multiple metrics over a few days in order to make final conclusions. 

Time Frame 

Your Ad set is sorted according to it's daily performance. You can see 7 days at a time and you can change the dates by clicking on the arrows at the top of the screen to change the date backwards or forwards. 

Your performance on Facebook might be inconsistent sometimes. Which means that your Ad Sets that were crushing it two weeks ago might not be performing well today.
Analyzing your daily performance helps you track your Ad Sets in real time and improve your performance overtime! 📈

The Ad Set Storyline can be used for all account types. Be sure to check out our other analytical tools on Madgicx, such as The Campaign Overview, Creative insights and Ad copy insights

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