How to Make Sure All Permissions for IG & FB Pages Are in Place
Please follow this guide to make sure there are no Permission issues regarding your Instagram Pages, Facebook Pages, and catalogs.

First Step 

Facebook, catalog, and ad accounts.

Go to Business Settings

Click on the Setting icon
A page should load that looks like this:

Mark People under Users

Find yourself in the list on the right, and click on your name

On the left side of the screen, a panel should open up looking like this:

Click on Add Assets (marked in yellow) and this window will open up

Make sure the wanted page is marked and that maximum access is granted by enabling Admin Access

Before closing, repeat the same process but now on:

  • Ad Accounts
  • Catalogs


Now let's continue by adjusting Instagram permissions.

Let's go back to Business Settings:

This time we'll click on Instagram Account and me sure ours is connected, so if you don't see it in the list on the right, press on the blue “+ Add” button.

When this window pops up, enter your credentials and log in

Lastly, we want to make sure your Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram account.
Go to your Facebook page and then press on Settings (marked in yellow)

Then click on Instagram. This is what you will see if your page is properly connected.  

If not, connect it by clicking on Connect Account 

And lastly, go to Madgicx's settings and press re-authenticate...

If these steps did not solve your issue, please review our article title "Re-establish your token connection and regain access to your page" or Click below 

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