Revealbot is been longer in the Facebook Marketing arena than, however, they offers only 3 tools at the moment to help you with you Facebook ads: Automations, Auto-Post Boosting and ID Export. 

On the other hand, is the 'First Full-Stack Facebook Ads Platform'.

Our focus is to offer the most complete range of tools that are meant to cover all the necessary areas that otherwise a marketing agency would cover. Among those tools you can find:

Automation Tactics

The core feature that we share with Revealbot is automations. However, with a much more sophisticated algorithm, allows you not just to boost or stop your ads in the 3 levels (campaigns level, ad set level and ad level), but also to:

  • Reactivate any paused ad sets the moment detects any kind of positive activity with REVIVE.
  • Monitor performance over time to identify under-performing ad sets with Sunsetting (formerly known as Safety Net).

In addition, we are the first an only software in the world to launch this
automations in real-time in contrast to RevealBot that take 15-minutes to launch your automations and 15-30 min that Facebook takes in the lower end. This can be crucial feature when you are managing high budgets.

Creative Clusters

When it comes to ID export, has a similar feature embedded in a much larger and power tool called Creative Clusters.

This tool filters and sorts all of your ad copies and creatives by gender, age group, device, platform and even campaigns like acquisition, retargeting or retention. Then you can easily combine the best performing ads and copies by just clicking in the intersection between them inside the grid and launch them in less than 2 minutes.

The added feature within Creative Clusters is that when you launch your best combinations in new campaigns (green and red blocks on the image above), you can keep the social proof of the creative by launching also the same post ID it had before, therefore matching the 'Export ID' feature of Revealbot.

Smart Audiences

At, you also have tools that RevealBot has not. You can build AI optimised target audiences with the help of more than 100 pre-made audiences that you have never tried before across Acquisition, Retargeting & Retention. 

This audiences are built based on the data of over $33MM in ad-spend on Facebook which leave very little room for 'trial and error' and a high change for success. 

You can also create whole new campaigns with these audiences by clicking on them and combining them to your ad sets in lest than 2 minutes. 

Dashboard and Automated Reporting

Another very important feature that Revealbot lacks for campaign management purposes , is Analytics and Reporting.

You can get a full overview of all your accounts data from a single dashboard across our star method for scaling: Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention

Besides the dashboard, you can also automated reportings from this data to be sent to anyone on your team or your clients daily, weekly or monthly. You can white-label your reports on top of that to keep your branding visible.

On the flip side, Revealbot is great when it comes to build very specific automations. If you should have the need for very out-the-box automations, Revealbot would be worth a shot.

At the end of the day, the best way to demonstrate you how powerful is, with even more features not mentioned in this article (Ad Set Storyline, agency-driven features to facilitate the management of several accounts, and the soon to be release Chrome extension), we will highly recommend you to try under a free-trial and see for yourself.

Click here to get yours and we wish you happy scaling.

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