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You can choose what experience you want to have on every account connected to Madgicx by choosing a different account type: Lead Generation, eCommerce, or App Installs.

The difference between these three experiences is very straightforward: the Madgicx tools will show different metrics to optimize your insights based on your account type.

Different account types will change the following tools:

  • Dashboard

  • Creative Studio

  • Ad Care

  • Automation Tactics

To change your account type, you can simply go to Settings on the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Find the account you want to edit, and use the drop-down menu to set the account type that best reflects your account.

Here's an example of the effect the account type has on your dashboard metrics: if the account is type is set to Lead Generation, the Dashboard will adjust to show Website Leads and Cost per Website Lead for each funnel stage.

That's it! Experiment with different account types and find the one that best fits your needs.

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