Every account connected to the madgicx.com app can choose what kind of experience they want to have by choosing between Lead Gen, E-commerce or App Installs experience.

To do so, you can simply go to settings in the bottom of the left sidebar and find the drop down option on the second column after the name of your ad account is displayed.

The difference between this 3 experiences is very straight forward. It will determine what metrics will be shown most on your account based on the type of activity you run with it.

To give you an example, in the Dashboard, you will have different KPI’s shown to you by default  and also the definition of Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention will change.

When it comes to Automation Tactics, if you for example choose the E-commerce experience, you automations will by default have events like ‘purchase or ‘add to cart’. While in the Lead Gen experience, the default event will be based on ‘leads’ instead.

Inside of Creative Clusters and Audience Creation we will filter your content performances either by return on ad-spend (E-commerce), by cost-per-lead (Lead Gen) or by cost per app install (App Installs) so you have your best creatives based on your optimization goals and therefore improve efficiency.

Besides this differences, nothing else is really changing,. The interface and the rest of the platform will remain the same. 

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