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Madgicx is a deeply powerful tool to analyze, automate, and optimize your account. However, every account is unique: so you might be wondering whether Madgicx can revolutionize your account and increase your performance KPIs, as it has been doing for our over 25,000 clients. 🚀

In general, there is something in Madgicx for every type of account: with one important caveat. Madgicx allows you to advertise any product or service that is allowed by the Facebook community guidelines: If you are advertising a product that is not allowed on Facebook (illegal products, adult products, etc.), we won’t be able to help you.

Read on to discover how you can get the most out of Madgicx for your account.

Ad Agencies

The founder of Madgicx owned an ad agency, he created Madgicx to be ideal for the professional ad buyer. All of the Madgicx tools are fine-tuned to support agency strategy and optimization, complete with white-labeling, the option to add multiple ad accounts, and the ability to connect multiple users to the same account, so your team can work together. 💡

E-commerce accounts

Madgicx is perfect for e-commerce accounts- you can connect any platform to your Pixel to get more conversions and scale your account. We also have a Shopify integration to make the transition to Madgicx really effortless.

App Installs accounts

Madgicx would function perfectly for you if you are using the Facebook pixel to track conversions. If you are using an SDK to do this, you will be able to use all of the functionalities except for the ad launcher.

Lead Generation accounts

Madgicx is fully optimized for lead generation accounts- with one click you can change the whole layout of the software to accommodate lead generation metrics and KPIs.

You can run lead form ads on Madgicx, and customize your funnel strategy to fit lead generation. You can read more about it here.

New businesses

If you’ve just started working on a new account, you have to start building your data in order to create effective lookalike audiences. As you continue to drive traffic through your site you will have more data, which will allow you to build more and more profitable target audiences.

Madgicx relies on your pixel data, so the more you invest in your ad-spend, the bigger the effect our tools will have on your performance. You might not yet be able to launch any of the audiences, but you can take advantage of the Audience Studio to create powerful interest targeting audiences and build your audience from the ground up. 🏆

Special ad accounts

Some areas that Facebook defines as ‘special ads’ receive different treatment: Social Issues, Politics, Credit Opportunities, Employment Opportunities, and/or Housing Opportunities or Related Services. You can read Facebook's article on the subject here.

If you advertise in these areas, there are a few restrictions on your advertising that you'll need to keep in mind. These translate to restrictions on the Madgicx platform: you won't be able to create Acquisition Prospecting audiences in the Madgicx ad launcher in addition to any restrictions Facebook has in place.

You can, however, still use any audience in the Acquisition Re-Engagement, Retargeting, and Retention categories. Additionally, the rest of the platform, such as the analyzing tools and automations tools, will not be affected by these restrictions. 💐

Try it out

The vast majority of ad buyers stand to greatly benefit from Madgicx, as our users currently are. If you haven’t already, sign up for the free trial and schedule an on-boarding call with one of our account managers to start using Madgicx for your account. 🚀

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