We have many users reaching out to tell us that they just started their Facebook Advertising journey, and that they now want to figure out if madgicx.com is going to help them to kick-off their account and get started with their first profitable campaigns.

We want to be as honest as possible with our users, and be sure that Madgicx is the right tool for our customers. 

The Madgicx App truly becomes a powerful tool once you start spending $200 and above in monthly ad-spend. 📈

This is due to the fact that the more you spend, the more the automation tactics will produce an increase in performance. As you continue to drive traffic through your site - you will have more data we have to build you profitable target audiences. 🧐

With a monthly budget over $200 - Madgicx has proven to be a true scaling machine 🚀🤖 

Best wishes!
The Madgicx Team 

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