is a Full-Stack Facebook Advertising Platform that plugs the proven knowledge, skills, and tactics of industry leading marketers into an AI-backed software.

What can I do with

If you are running Facebook Ads for e-commerce or lead generation, you can use to:

Add Extra Power to your team:  Hiring an experienced Facebook media buyer is expensive. provides both, the knowledge and the advertising technologies, that are required to succeed on Facebook ads. Look at it as the ultimate Facebook media buyer that never sleeps and is always up to optimize your Facebook Ad Account.

Up-level you strategy: mission is to hit your (Not Facebooks') Business KPI's in the most effective and efficient way possible. It provides strategic dashboards that include strategy reporting across Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention campaigns.

Find Growth Opportunities: Get Actionable insights to navigate and optimize your marketing efforts with personalized recommendations targeting the growth opportunities unique to you.

We analyze your data and present the information on both macro and micro levels. Enable tactics and strategies used by today’s most successful Facebook Advertising players.

Automate ad operations:  with Automation Tactics you can set up rules and tactics that makes sure you are running your ad account at profit. Automation rules enable you to take actions based on real time data of your ad account and harness the media buying arbitrage points which exist on the Facebook platform.  

Save time & Scale: removes the complexities of high performance Facebook Advertising by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective Facebook Ad account management. 

Who uses

Large Advertisers & Enterprises who want to equip their internal performance marketing team with world class Facebook knowledge and execution as well as to automate their ad operations and implement sophisticated media buying tactics. 

Small/mid Advertisers looking to add a additional Media Buying power to their team.

Agencies who want to increase their team productivity and easy the process of managing multiple ad account and and keeping up with client reporting and overall account health and performance.

Solo Marketers freelancers or small agency owners who need to get a lot of things down quickly and need a smarter solution than hiring more freelancers to get the job done. 

How can I make the best out of

The larger the budgets, the more value and ROI that you could get from It works with large advertisers and enterprises but your could start using it if you are spending as little as $ 200/month on Facebook Ads.

What sets apart?

In order to achieve a world class level of success on the Facebook platform one has to master both Facebook Advertising Technologies and best sources of knowledge, and strategies that genuinely work. is built combining the most up-to-date (and constantly updating) knowledge of best practices from leading marketing experts, agencies and Facebook advertising best practices while combined with Advertising technologies which take care of the execution and support the ongoing optimizations. brings all advertising technology solutions into a single advertising platform, iInstead of having separate solutions for bid testing, audience creation, bidding/budget optimization, automation and strategy you get one simple, integrated platform that is easy to use and manage.

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