If you track lead gen conversions and you want to start with the best audiences  Madgicx then this article is for you. 

Madgicx offers some key audiences for Lead generation which can also be used for ecomm, however the end result will be different based on the conversion type. In this case Acquisition becomes a critical part of your funnel, however re-targeting and retention will also be key in scaling your results. We believe in setting up audiences based on the full funnel ARR strategy. 

Let's begin with:  

Acquisition Re-engagement: This includes people who have had a first touch with your ads/videos/pages but who never visited your Web page. 

  1. If you run video ads you can select people who watched a small part of one of your videos 'video casuals' or people who deeply engaged with your video ad which includes 'video enthusiasts' and 'video addicts' 
  2. Social media "engagers" these are people who build your fan base on instagram or facebook but who never visited your webpage. 

Acquisition Prospecting: This is audience segment is based on lookalikes. The people you're targeting have never had a first touch with your brand/webpage. 

  1. Let's begin with 'top seed audiences'. This audience includes your best audiences which have been graded based on your (cost per lead) and are manually selected from a drop down. We advise you to select 2-3 audiences which will build one power house of proven audiences. 

2. The second audience we recommend is 'All website leads,' this is more of a broad audience which is great when you're starting out. It gives you a more vast lookalike audience based on the custom audience of people visited your website. 

3. Niche Prospecting from Top URLS, this is where you can become a little bit more targeted in terms of your audience and select specific URLS such as an info or blog page. When you select 'Top URLS' Madgicx will create a powerful LLA audience based on these URL viewers. 

4. If you select 'Niche prospecting from Top URLS,' you can test this against 'High intent Niche prospecting from Top URLS'   with this audience you can become even more specific and you can choose page URLS that only show the highest intent such as a 'sign up page' select different URLS for both of the following audiences and see which one works best for you. 

Re-targeting Audiences: 

Re-targeting offers quite a few different audiences to choose from, all of which would be well suited for lead generation. However when you're just starting with Madgicx we recommend that 'Recent visitors from the last 30 days' gives you a broad enough audience which is also the most relevant. If you want to be more specific with re-targeting you can select 'time spent-deep browsing', 'multiple visits', or 'high intent' visitors, which would give you a smaller audience but one who showed strong interest in your website.   

Retention (optional): 

The only option to choose from in retention is 'All website leads' this audience should only be used if you want to target people who already signed up or filled out a form on your website. 

Once you've selected a few of these audiences from each part of the funnel, you'll be well on your way to build more lead generation from your website, and scale on your ads using the ARR strategy! 

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