Launching Madgicx audiences is super simple, we created 108 core audiences that were carefully selected to provide you with a full funnel strategy in a few clicks. 

To Launch a new audience into a campaign you can do so in 3 quick steps:  

  1. Selecting Audiences. 
  2. Choosing Creatives 
  3. Selecting Attributes such as LLA %, Gender, Age   

The best way to get started with Madgicx Audiences is to understand the ARR segmentation of Acquisition, Re-targeting and Retention. It helps you to organize and master these audiences by taking action at each part of the funnel. Learn more about the Madgicx ARR full funnel strategy here. 

Where do you find Madgicx Audiences? 

You can find all of our audiences found under the Launcher Tab. Starting from top to bottom you'll find: 

-Acquisition Re-engagement
-Acquisition prospecting

Something important to note is that when creating Acquisition audiences, there is an automatic exclusion of non-acquisition audiences which includes:

  • 30 Days- Website Visitors
  • 180 Days- Purchasers 

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